WISER LIFE - Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse

LIFE13 ENV/IE/000763

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Sarah MILLER
Tel: +353 1 8429811
Email: Sarah@rediscoverycentre.ie

Project description:


Ireland’s waste management performance suffers as a result of insufficient planning of future treatment capacity, an absence of waste prevention on the political agenda, insufficient use of economic and legal instruments, and inadequate municipal waste recycling. The generation of municipal waste peaked in Ireland in 2007 at 3 397 683 tonnes and has since decreased slightly year on year. However, forecasts predict that the total amount of municipal waste generated in Ireland will increase by around 830 000 tonnes within the next 15 years. Landfill is still the main method of dealing with such waste, even though only about 11 years of capacity are estimated to remain. In 2009, 69% of recovered waste went abroad for reprocessing.


The main objectives of the WISER LIFE project are to reduce and reuse waste, divert it from landfill, create green jobs, reduce resource consumption, and improve access to innovative ecological education systems. The project will build upon the activities of the RDC, in demonstrating best practice in waste reuse and preparation for reuse, as well as those of the partner beneficiary, Ballymun Regeneration Limited, which was set up by the Dublin City Council to develop and implement a plan for the physical, economic and social regeneration of Ballymun. The project’s objectives will be achieved through the creation of an innovative centre demonstrating excellence in reuse at every level of interaction, supported by an eco-cluster of resource-efficient enterprises, and complemented by a suite for environmental education, training and research programmes, to support the development of a low-carbon society in which waste reuse plays a pivotal role.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Create a prototype ‘3-D textbook’ reuse education centre, to promote behavioural change, that not only embraces the concept of sustainable development but is, in itself, a teaching tool for sustainability;
  • Present a new concept in educational space, highlighting the ability to incorporate active learning through building design, construction, operation and occupation;
  • Demonstrate the potential of best practice waste reuse and preparation for reuse to assist in socio-economic regeneration at the EU level;
  • Promote behavioural change with respect to waste generation, the use of natural resources, and recognising the value of waste; and
  • Support the implementation of national and EU waste policy through operations, communications and education.
  • Expected results:

  • Prototype ‘3-D textbook’ with integrated educational tools such as engineering trails, historical trails, performance feedback stations, viewing panels and galleries to promote behavioural change;
  • Eco-cluster of reuse social enterprises, initially comprising the current RDC activities of Rediscover Furniture, Rediscover Fashion, Rediscover Cycling and Rediscover Paint, demonstrating best practice in waste reuse;
  • A suite of life-long learning programmes, directly impacting up to 4 500 people, which complement the ‘3-D textbook’;
  • Improved environment through the reduced and reused waste, diversion of waste from landfill, reductions in resource consumption and awareness-raising;
  • 25% of visitors to centre demonstrating behaviour change;
  • 50% reduction in energy consumed by buildings compared to predicted ‘do-nothing’ scenario modelling;
  • 80-100% of energy used generated on site;
  • 40% reduction in paper used by RDC;
  • Over 2 000 new visitors annually to Ballymun;
  • 20% increase in social enterprise sales and services;
  • Direct creation of over 15 jobs; and
  • 20% increase in the number of people trained by reuse social enterprises.



Environmental issues addressed:


Energy - Efficiency
Energy - Savings
Energy - Supply
Information - Governance - Environmental training - Capacity building
Waste - Waste reduction - Raw material saving
Waste - Waste use


environmentally responsible behaviour‚  environmental education‚  energy saving‚  waste reduction‚  green building‚  raw material consumption‚  renewable energy

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator The Rediscovery Centre Ltd.
Type of organisation SME Small and medium sized enterprise
Description The Rediscovery Centre (RDC), a group of waste-focused enterprises in Ballymun, is focused on encouraging the better use of resources, through reuse, redesign, research and education. Its objectives are to divert waste from landfill, provide community employment and training, and inspire sustainable living.
Partners DCC(Dublin City Council), Ireland


Project reference LIFE13 ENV/IE/000763
Duration 02-JUN-2014 to 26-APR -2018
Total budget 3,622,245.00 €
EU contribution 1,802,407.00 €
Project location East(Ireland) South West (IRL)(Ireland) South East (IRL)(Ireland) North East(Ireland) Mid West(Ireland) Donegal(Ireland) Midlands(Ireland) West(Ireland) North West (IRL)(Ireland) Mid East(Ireland) Border(Ireland)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version