LIFE+ small scale CHP - Small scale Combined Heat and Power based on biomass in the region of southeast Sweden

LIFE13 ENV/SE/000113

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Contact details:

Contact person: Daniella JOHANSSON
Tel: 0046768617000
Email: daniella.johansson@energikontorsydost.se

Project description:


Biomass combustion based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies have great potential to reduce CO2 emissions because they use renewable energy sources, such as wood fuels or sawdust. Typical fields of application for biomass CHP plants include: wood processing industries, sawmills, district heating systems and industries with a high process heat and cooling demand. In order for CHP plants to operate in a way that is economically and ecologically beneficial, both the electricity and the heat produced must be used.

CHP technology is already available on Swedish and European markets. Due to the high installation costs, and a lack of information about its efficiency, the technology is, however, currently not widely used in small-scale plants. Extensive research has been undertaken to illustrate the vast environmental potential of CHP technology but a larger initiative that looks at increasing market application is still needed.


This project will demonstrate six different types of small-scale biomass CHP technology. The tests will take place in companies that use different technologies and at different scales. The aim is to pave the way for a broader application of biomass CHP technology. The knowledge gained will be disseminated on a regional, national and European level.

The main project objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate the technology of three small-scale biomass based CHP plants that will be built in Sweden;
  • Promote the use of, and a business model for, small -scale biomass based CHP technology at the regional, national and Europe level;
  • Increase the production of renewable electricity by promoting local small-scale biomass based electricity production.
  • Expected results:

  • Greater knowledge about the environmental performance of biomass based CHP technology;
  • Increased use of biomass as a renewable fuel;
  • The production of seven GWh/year of renewable electricity;
  • A decrease in CO2 emissions of 7000 tonnes/year by using biomass based CHP technologies.



Environmental issues addressed:


Environmental management - Cleaner technologies
Energy - Supply
Climate change Mitigation - Renewable energies


renewable energy‚  emission reduction‚  greenhouse gas‚  biomass energy

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Energikontor Sydost AB
Type of organisation Regional authority
Description Energikontor Sydost AB (ESS) is a regional energy agency. It is a public body, owned by five regions and 25 municipalities in south eastern Sweden. Energikontor Sydost initiates, coordinates and implements projects aimed at improving energy efficiency and increasing the supply of renewable energy to all sectors of society. The agency works strategically and systematically to link local and regional projects with European and international ones.
Partners Hultsfred(Emåmejeriet AB), Sweden Nybro(Nybro Energi/Nybro Värmecentral AB), Sweden Ronneby(Ronneby Miljö&Teknik AB), Sweden


Project reference LIFE13 ENV/SE/000113
Duration 01-JUL-2014 to 31-DEC -2018
Total budget 3,933,351.00 €
EU contribution 1,406,675.00 €
Project location Stockholm(Sverige) Östra Mellansverige(Sverige) Småland med Öarna(Sverige) Sydsverige(Sverige) Västsverige(Sverige) Norra Mellansverige(Sverige) Mellersta Norrland(Sverige) Övre Norrland(Sverige) Baltic Sea Sverige (S)(Sverige)


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