LIFE12 NAT/IT/000807

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Contact details:

Contact person: Giuseppe Canavese
Tel: 390171078809
Fax: 390171978921
Email: giuseppe.canavese@parcoalpimarittime.it

Project description:


After their eradication in the Alps in the first half of the 20th Century, wolves have started returning again, following the protection measures and the improvement of ecological conditions in Western Europe that have occurred in recent decades. Currently, the natural expansion of wolves in the Alps presents wildlife managers with the challenge of minimising conflict between wolves and human activities. Management must take into consideration high human densities and high levels of habitat fragmentation in certain areas. The lack of any form of coordinated management of the Alpine region represents a major challenge. Conservation measures are also needed to ensure the long-term survival of the wolf population.


The objective of the project is to implement and coordinate trans-boundary wolf conservation actions in the Alps (France, Italy and Slovenia), spanning westwards and eastwards, to enhance the re-colonisation process.

The project aims to:

  • Decrease poisoning and poaching episodes;
  • Decrease the wolf’s negative impact on livestock;
  • Increase knowledge and acceptance of wolf conservation issues amongst hunters, shepherds, local communities, students and citizens;
  • Control the loss of reproductive sites;
  • Detect and control wolf-dog hybridisation; and
  • Achieve long-term wolf genetic viability.
  • Expected results: The main expected results are:

  • Increased detection of poisoning events by at least 50%;
  • Development of a long-term strategy against the illegal use of poison at the Italian and Slovenian Alpine scale;
  • At least a 30% reduction in wolf deaths caused by poisoning in target areas;
  • A 30% reduction in wolf-induced livestock damage;
  • At least 50% of the farmers involved in the project to use prevention measures to protect livestock;
  • The development of wolf eco-tourism, with at least 10 wolf-friendly products and at least 60 events for tourists (with a minimum of 15 tourists participating in each event);
  • An increase in knowledge about and positive attitudes towards wolves (of at least 10%) amongst farmers and the general public in the target areas;
  • The development of common methodologies and criteria to enable efficient trans-boundary wolf monitoring and management;
  • An increase in the skills of wardens and technical staff at public administrations concerning wolf monitoring methodologies and techniques, anti-poaching techniques, livestock damage assessment and prevention;
  • The removal of hybrids detected in the pilot areas;
  • The drafting of guidelines on long-term management strategies that will be shared on an interregional scale; and
  • Increased awareness of wolf-human conflicts amongst all stakeholders.



Environmental issues addressed:


Species - Mammals


endangered species‚  natural park‚  nature conservation‚  mountainous area

Target species

 Canis lupus     

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Ente di gestione delle Aree Protette delle Alpi Marittime
Type of organisation Park-Reserve authority
Description The Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime (PNAM) has been managing the ‘Centre for the management and conservation of large carnivores’ since 2006, when it was established by the region of Piemonte to ensure the long-term stability of the wolf population in particular, as well as studying and monitoring other carnivores, such as the lynx.
Partners Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Italy Museo delle Scienze, Italy Ente Gestione Aree Protette Alpi Cozie, Italy Ente di Gestione del Parco Naturale del Marguareis, Italy Ente di Gestione Aree protette dell'Ossola, Italy Consorzio Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, Italy Ente Parco Nazionale Val Grande, Italy Regione Lombardia, Italy Regione Veneto, Italy Triglavski Narodni Park, Slovenia University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Project reference LIFE12 NAT/IT/000807
Duration 01-SEP-2013 to 31-MAY -2018
Total budget 6,100,454.00 €
EU contribution 4,174,309.00 €
Project location Piemonte(Italia)


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