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LIFE11 INF/RO/000819

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Tiberiu Chiriches
Tel: 0000000000
Fax: +40-368-462-564
Email: office@propark.ro

Project description:


The project addresses the following environmental problems:

  • The territorial plans, as well as other strategic planning documents in Romania, do not reflect biodiversity concerns, therefore, conservation measures are not properly integrated into strategic planning and into the activities of economic sectors. As a result, very often economic interests prevail to the detriment of the objectives of Natura 2000 sites, biodiversity and ecosystems services;
  • Natura 2000 site managers lack the skills and knowledge needed for the integrated and participative management of these areas. ‘Paper Natura 2000 sites’ are a high risk, leading to inefficient implementation of the relevant EU Directives;
  • The objectives and benefits of Natura 2000 are not properly communicated, and in most EU countries there is still a low level of support amongst the main stakeholders of these sites. As a result, efforts to maintain the “favourable” conservation status of species and habitats of Community interest often fails.

  • Objectives

    The main objectives of the project are to improve the capacity of Natura 2000 site managers in Romania, by providing comprehensive training programmes (including communication on Natura 2000), and to support improved territorial planning in Romania that incorporates biodiversity concerns by providing guidance to the most important economic sectors using land and natural resources on how to contribute actively to the development of regional territorial plans. The project is focused on the Natura 2000 sites, at national level, in Romania. The project specifically relates to the implementation of target 1, Action 3 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy (2011): “Increase stakeholder awareness and involvement and improve enforcement”.

    Expected results:

    • Publication online of a Biodiversity and Natura 2000 Toolkit for Key Economic Sectors and of Guidelines on Territorial Planning and Biodiversity. Target audiences will be experts from the four key economic sectors and authorities responsible for territorial planning on biodiversity issues;
    • Increased awareness amongst territorial planning experts of biodiversity concerns;
    • At least 100 representatives of relevant institutions, organisations and companies will be informed about a territorial planning methodology that considers biodiversity concerns and Natura 2000;
    • Brasov's County Territorial Plan will be modified to incorporate biodiversity concerns, including Natura 2000 network objectives;
    • Increased capacity of coordinating authorities in Brasov county to develop territorial plans in a participatory manner that properly reflects biodiversity concerns and Natura 2000 management objectives;
    • Natura 2000 management teams' training needs will be identified by interviewing at least 300 people. At least eight priority topics will be identified for capacity building for Natura 2000 personnel;
    • At least 20 best practice examples from at least 20 countries will be collected and disseminated;
    • A Natura 2000 Communication Training Programme will be produced for Natura 2000 managers that can be adapted for other EU countries;
    • At least 30 people will become accredited as adult trainers;
    • Training modules for seven priority topics will be adapted for Natura 2000 sites;
    • Increased capacity for Natura 2000 management in at least 15 management teams and increased capacity for Natura 2000 coordination in at least 15 institutions with responsibilities in this domain;
    • Improved ranger skills for at least 15 Natura 2000 rangers;
    • Increased knowledge and capacity for implementing activities in specific domains for at least 360 Natura 2000 site staff; and
    • At least 15 indicviduals will have their capacity for communicating about the Natura 2000 network increased.



Environmental issues addressed:


Information - Governance - Environmental training - Capacity building


land use planning‚  protected area‚  environmental training‚  management plan

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator ProPark - Foundation for Protected Areas
Type of organisation NGO-Foundation
Description Founded in 2008, ProPark – Foundation for Protected Areas aims to develop and implement a long-term, coherent, capacity-building programme for protected area managers and key stakeholders, thus contributing to a more efficient management of protected areas. Based on a training needs assessment carried out in Romania's national and nature parks, ProPark is developing a qualification programme for protected area specialists and rangers.
Partners The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Romania The EUROPARC Federation The Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development Braşov, Romania


Project reference LIFE11 INF/RO/000819
Duration 01-AUG-2012 to 31-JAN -2016
Total budget 513,114.00 €
EU contribution 254,129.00 €
Project location Bayern(Deutschland) Associated Romania(Romania) Nord-Vest(Romania) Centru(Romania) Nord-Est(Romania) Sud-Est(Romania) Sud-Muntenia(Romania) Bucureşti-Ilfov(Romania) Sud-Vest Oltenia(Romania) Vest(Romania)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version