LIFE10 ENV/IT/000307

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Laura MONTANARI
Tel: + 39 0522 456251
Fax: + 39 0522 456457
Email: laura.montanari@municipio.re.it

Project description:


Waste management remains an important challenge for local authorities in Italy, and private sector bodies represent key partners in the drive to minimise waste impacts. Large retailers, for example, can make a considerable contribution to waste minimisation as they have strong purchasing power and so can influence the packaging policies of their suppliers. This can subsequently help these retailers to attract environmentally conscious consumers, thus allowing them to benefit from their efforts to buy and sell low waste products. Local authorities can use their powers and influence to encourage large retailers to undertake this kind of action and in so doing, to reduce their waste footprint.


The NO.WA LIFE project aims to reduce waste streams in the municipality of Reggio Emilia by working with large retailers and local authorities to produce a waste prevention/reduction action plan. This will include proposals for the establishment of a reuse centre. Two pilot projects will be implemented to recover urban waste classified as reusable, with special attention paid to unsold items. Public participation and citizens awareness campaigns will run in parallel, to help reduce waste-intensive practices and encourage the buying and selling of recycled products. Waste monitoring systems will be introduced to complement the overall project objectives.

Expected results: Key project results will include:

    • the adoption and implementation of new waste reduction plans by Reggio Emilia and Trento;
    • a feasibility study and a market analysis on the establishment of a reuse centre; and
    • a new best practice guide to help stakeholders minimise waste streams.

    It is expected that the project will help the region’s private sector to reduce total packaging volumes and increase the use of biodegradable packaging materials. The region’s public sector will also strengthen its commitment to recover and resell reusable goods, by giving new life to goods that otherwise would have been considered waste. In the longer term, the project will contribute to establishing more sustainable production and consumption practices.



Environmental issues addressed:


Waste - Waste reduction - Raw material saving


consumer goods‚  retail trade‚  environmental awareness‚  waste reduction‚  municipal waste‚  local authority

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Comune di Reggio Emilia
Type of organisation Local authority
Description The Sustainability Office of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, in northern Italy, is responsible for a variety of different environment activities focused around Local Agenda 21 type actions.
Partners Comune di Trento, Italy COOP Nordest, Italy Reggio nel Mondo srl, Italy Ambiente Italia srl, Italy


Project reference LIFE10 ENV/IT/000307
Duration 01-JAN-2012 to 31-DEC -2014
Total budget 1,449,664.00 €
EU contribution 724,832.00 €
Project location Emilia-Romagna(Italia)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version