SUN EAGLE - Endorsement actions for Governance of local environment

LIFE09 ENV/IT/000115

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Alessandro COPPOLA
Tel: +39 081 50 10 203
Fax: +39 081 0072043
Email: alessandro.coppola@unina2.it

Project description:


Almost all countries with mountainous or hilly regions have some kind of implicit or explicit policy for mountain areas. However, there are significant differences between the policies of different countries. Since local authorities are considered, in the context of sustainable development, the smallest scale at which issues can be dealt with in an integrated and holistic manner, 'mountain communities' could provide an appropriate institutional set up to implement and develop environmental policies.


The LIFE project will work in the southern Apennines to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Promote a localised, participatory approach to policy assessment and implementation, in relation to the reduction of emissions and the increasing of CO2 absorption capacity. This will be done through experimentation with local governance models, with particular reference to the management of forests and mountains. In particular, measures will target preventing and monitoring emissions, as well as initiatives to reduce emissions or increase the capacity to absorb them;
  • Contribute to the Kyoto objectives, by anticipating the adoption of tools developed in recent years for management and verification of emissions, and through communication and the use of economic incentives and market mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gases; and
  • Experiment with local actions designed to help implement the Kyoto Protocol, using participatory methods combining global emission reduction targets with local sustainability targets.
  • Expected results: The project’s expected results are:

  • Increased capacity to absorb carbon dioxide in the areas covered by the project, and subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 20%;
  • Identification of achievable energy efficiency goals, and of areas in which energy efficiency can be improved;
  • An increase in the proportion of green purchases; and
  • Greater capacity and improved skills for the recipients of training.



Environmental issues addressed:


Land-use & Planning - Urban design (urban-rural)
Information - Governance - Public and Stakeholders participation
Climate change Mitigation - GHG reduction in non EU ETS sectors
Climate change Mitigation - Carbon sequestration


urban area‚  emission reduction‚  climate protection‚  greenhouse gas‚  social participation‚  mountainous area

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Coordinator Seconda Università Degli Studi di Napoli
Type of organisation University
Description The Second University of Naples (Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli) is a university with some 28 000 students, offering degrees mainly in the social sciences.
Partners Associazione Nazionale Comuni d’Italia–Sezione Regionale della Campania, Italy Laboratorio Craet Soc. Coop., Italy Comunità Montana Medio Basento, Italy Comunità Montana Vallo di Diano, Italy Comunità Montana Val Sarmento, Italy Local Councils’ Association of Malta, Italy Comunità Montana Basso Sinni, Italy Comunità Montana Alburni, Italy Unione dei Comuni Alto Calore, Italy Provincia di Salerno, Italy Comunità Montana Trigno Medio Triferno, Italy Comunità Montana Lagonegrese, Italy Comunità Montana dell’Ufita, Italy Comunità Montana Melandro, Italy Comunità Montana Monte Santa Croce, Italy Comunità Montana Tanagro Alto e Medio Sele, Italy Comunità Montana Collina Materana, Italy Comunità Montana Dei Monti Dauni Meridionali, Italy Comunità Montana Alto Agri, Italy ETANAM S.A. L.G.O.-Development Agency for South Epirus–Amvrakikos S.A.L.G.O., Greece Comunità Montana Medio Agri, Italy Unione Comuni Antico Clanis, Italy


Project reference LIFE09 ENV/IT/000115
Duration 01-SEP-2010 to 30-JUN -2014
Total budget 3,006,355.00 €
EU contribution 1,456,847.00 €
Project location Campania(Italia)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version