AdaptFor - Adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece

LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554

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Contact details:

Project Manager: Vasiliki CHRYSOPOLITOU
Tel: +302310473320
Fax: +30 2310 471795
Email: vasiliki@ekby.gr

Project description:


The development of scientific knowledge has resulted in greater certainty that climate change is an inevitable consequence of past and present human activities. Forests interact with climate systems, acting as carbon dioxide sinks when growing, and as a source of carbon dioxide when being destroyed by natural or by human-driven processes. Climate change is also expected to result in major shifts in the geographic distribution of forest vegetation, and die-back and decline are expected.

The Mediterranean region seems to be more prone than other regions to serious changes in its ecosystems, flora and fauna, in favour of more drought-tolerant species. Τhe implications of these changes for forest management and conservation are profound. Adaptive forest management strategies are urgently needed to enable the planning and management of healthy, productive forests, capable of additional carbon storage in forest ecosystems, combined with sustainable provision of forest goods and services.


The project aims to demonstrate that forest management can be adapted to climate change, while enhancing the capacity of forest services. To achieve this, the project has carefully selected 4 pilot sites, where changes in vegetation have already been observed (e.g. dying out of fir, invasion of conifers in evergreen broadleaved forests). The project will demonstrate this approach at these 4 sites, working at local level, and will then integrate the findings to give guidance and training at regional and national level.

The project will also disseminate to all stakeholders and to the general public the reasons why the adaptation of forest management to climate change is needed.

The project expects to achieve the following results:

  • Assessment of the effects of climate change on selected forest ecosystems in Greece;
  • Incorporation in selected forest management plans of climate change considerations;
  • Creation of guidelines on the adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece;
  • Wide dissemination of information on the need to adapt forest management to climate change, and methodologies for achieving this; and
  • Training of forest service personnel to incorporate climate change considerations into their forest management practices.



Environmental issues addressed:


Risk management - Natural risks (Flood - Forest fire - Landslide)
Land-use & Planning - Forest management
Climate change Adaptation - Natural resources and ecosystems


forest ecosystem‚  forest management‚  management plan‚  climate change adaptation‚  knowledge development‚  vulnerability assessment

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Section of Biotic Resources and Management of protected areas/ Greek Biotope Wetland Centre
Type of organisation NGO-Foundation
Description The Goulandris Natural History Museum/Greek Biotope Wetland Centre is a private body dedicated to the study and protection of Greek habitats, with extensive experience of working on forest issues.
Partners Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, General Directorate for the Development and Protection of Forests and the Natural Environment


Project reference LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554
Duration 01-JAN-2010 to 31-DEC -2014
Total budget 1,719,112.00 €
EU contribution 833,356.00 €
Project location Kentriki Makedonia(Ellas),Thessalia(Ellas),Peloponnisos(Ellas),Attiki(Ellas)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version