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Bogs and Mires

In this section, the most recent bogs & mires related LIFE projects are presented. For each project, links to further information (layman's report, project website and project summary) have been included where they exist. The "Read More" section of some project summaries also includes links to publications or videos specific to the project in question.

CZ-SK SOUTH LIFE (Czech Cesko)
Optimalization of Natura 2000 sites management delivery in the South Bohemia Region and the territory of South Slovakia
LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000001
web summary
Hydrology LIFE (Finland Suomi)
Restoring the hydrological integrity of wetland habitats in Finland
LIFE16 NAT/FI/000583
web summary
LIFE OREKA Mendian (España)
Conservation and management of Basque mountain grasslands
LIFE15 NAT/ES/000805
web summary | website
Conservation of black grouse as umbrella species for valuable habitats of the Orawsko-Nowotarskie Peat Bogs
LIFE15 NAT/PL/000820
web summary
Marches Mosses BogLIFE (United Kingdom)
Marches Mosses Raised Bog Restoration Project
LIFE15 NAT/UK/000786
web summary | website
LIFEraisedbogs (Danmark)
Raised bogs in Denmark
LIFE14 NAT/DK/000012
web summary | website
LIFE Mires Estonia (Estonia Eesti)
Conservation and restoration of Mire Habitats
LIFE14 NAT/EE/000126
web summary | website
LIFE Irish Raised Bogs (Ireland)
Restoring Active Raised Bog in Ireland's SAC Network 2016 - 2020
LIFE14 NAT/IE/000032
web summary | website
MoorLIFE2020 (United Kingdom)
MoorLIFE 2020
LIFE14 NAT/UK/000070
web summary | website
LIFE Feuchtwälder (Deutschland)
Conservation and restoration of alluvial forests and bog woodland in Brandenburg
LIFE13 NAT/DE/000091
web summary | website
LIFE Hochwald (Deutschland)
Restoration and conservation of sloping and transition mires in low mountain range Hunsrück (area Hochwald)
LIFE13 NAT/DE/000406
web summary | website
LIFE Jura peatlands (France)
Functional rehabilitation of the Jura mountains peatlands of Franche-Comté
LIFE13 NAT/FR/000762
web summary | website
WETLIFE 2 (Lithuania Lietuva)
Restoration of proper hydrological conditions in Amalva and Kamanos bogs
LIFE13 NAT/LT/000084
web summary | website
LIFE_Wetlands (Latvia Latvija)
Conservation and Management of Priority Wetland Habitats in Latvia
LIFE13 NAT/LV/000578
web summary | website
Life+GP (Nederland)
"More water, more raised bogs in the Groote Peel"
LIFE13 NAT/NL/000079
web summary | website
AlkFens_S_PLife (Poland Polska)
Conservation of alkaline fens (7230) in southern Poland / Ochrona torfowisk alkalicznych (7230) południowej Polski
LIFE13 NAT/PL/000024
web summary | website
Life - Lasy Janowskie PL (Poland Polska)
In harmony with nature- Life + for Janowskie Forest
LIFE13 NAT/PL/000032
web summary | website
Cumbrian BogsLIFE+ (United Kingdom)
Restoration of degraded lowland raised bogs on three Cumbrian SCI/SACs
LIFE13 NAT/UK/000443
web summary | website
THATS-LIFE (United Kingdom)
Restoring Humberhead Peatlands: LIFE+ Project
LIFE13 NAT/UK/000451
web summary | website
LIFE+Nationalpark BayWald (Deutschland)
Bogs, flowing waters and nardus grasslands in the Bavarian Forest National Park
LIFE12 NAT/DE/000093
web summary
LIFE-Projekt Egge-Moore (Deutschland)
Schutz und Entwicklung der Moor-Lebensräume im südlichen Eggegebirge
LIFE12 NAT/DE/000136
web summary | website
LIFE: Eastern Bogs (Danmark)
Raised Bog Restoration in Eastern Denmark
LIFE12 NAT/DK/000183
web summary | website
LIFEAukstumala (Lithuania Lietuva)
Restoration of raised bog of Aukštumala in Nemunas Delta Regional Park
LIFE12 NAT/LT/000965
web summary | website
Tyruliai - Life (Lithuania Lietuva)
Demonstrative restoration of the Tyruliai bog as a part of the initiative of the re-wetting of Lithuanian peatlands
LIFE12 NAT/LT/001186
web summary | website
Hannoversche Moorgeest (Deutschland)
Re-wetting valuable raised bogs in the northern Hannover Region
LIFE11 NAT/DE/000344
web summary | website
Restoration of rare wet terrestrial habitat nature types of national priority in Southern Denmark
LIFE11 NAT/DK/000894
web summary | website
Ordunte Sostenible (España)
Sustainable management of the Ordunte SCI for the natural conservation of the area and use of its resources.
LIFE11 NAT/ES/000704
web summary | website
Inland wetlands of Northern Iberian Peninsula: management and restoration of mires and wet environments
LIFE11 NAT/ES/000707
web summary | website
Peelvenen (Nederland)
"Let the raised bogs grow" Natura 2000 Deurnsche Peel/Mariapeel
LIFE11 NAT/NL/000777
web summary | website
AlkFens_PL (Poland Polska)
Conservation and restoration of alkaline fens (code 7230) in the young-glacial landscape of northern Poland
LIFE11 NAT/PL/000423
web summary | website
Eichenwälder bei Wesel (Deutschland)
Acidophilous oak woods with bogs and heaths
LIFE10 NAT/DE/000009
web summary | website
SMOOTH (Danmark)
Restoring Sǿlsted Mose - a contribution to the network of Danish raised bogs (7110*) in favourable conservation status
LIFE10 NAT/DK/000099
web summary | website
Lille Vildmose (Danmark)
Restoration of active raised bog - Lille Vildmose
LIFE10 NAT/DK/000102
web summary | website
HYDROPLAN (Latvia Latvija)
Restoring the hydrological regime of the Kemeri National Park
LIFE10 NAT/LV/000160
web summary | website
PANNONICSK (Slovakia Slovensko)
Restoration of endemic pannonic salt marshes and sand dunes in Southern Slovakia
LIFE10 NAT/SK/000083
web summary | website
Hang- und Hoochmoore (Deutschland)
Rebuilding and preserving hanging bogs, raised bogs and transitional mires including the neighbouring habitats in the Hunsrueck and Eifel regions (Rhineland-Palatinate)
LIFE09 NAT/DE/000009
web summary | website
Return of Rural Wetlands (Finland Suomi)
Return of Rural Wetlands: Local participation and innovative methods for cost-effective large-scale wetland restoration
LIFE09 NAT/FI/000563
web summary | website
DBPRBRI (Ireland)
Demonstrating Best Practise in Raised Bog Restoration in Ireland
LIFE09 NAT/IE/000222
web summary | website
Restoration of raised bog Holmegaards Mose
LIFE08 NAT/DK/000466
web summary | website
Boreal Peatland Life (Finland Suomi)
Restoring the Natura 2000 network of Boreal Peatland Ecosystems "Boreal Peatland Life"
LIFE08 NAT/FIN/000596
web summary | website
Raised Bogs (Latvia Latvija)
Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia
LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449
web summary | website
The Dutch Crane Resort (Nederland)
Improvement of hydrological conditions in peat bog area Fochteloërveen
LIFE08 NAT/NL/000193
web summary | website
Life to ad(d)mire (Sverige)
Life to ad(d)mire – Restoring drained and overgrowing wetlands
LIFE08 NAT/S/000268
web summary | website
MoorLIFE (United Kingdom)
MoorLIFE: Active blanket bog restoration in the South Pennine Moors
LIFE08 NAT/UK/000202
web summary | website
ReHa Federseemoor (Deutschland)
Restoration of habitats in the Federsee bog (ReHa Federseemoor)
LIFE07 NAT/D/000233
web summary | website
PLTHautes-Fagnes (België - Belgique)
Rehabilitation of heaths and mires on the Hautes-Fagnes Plateau
LIFE06 NAT/B/000091
web summary | website
Active blanket bog in Wales (United Kingdom)
Restoring active blanket bog in the Berwyn and Migneint SACs in Wales
LIFE06 NAT/UK/000134
web summary | website
Cx SCAILLE (België - Belgique)
Actions for the valleys and turf moors of Croix Scaille (Belgium)
LIFE05 NAT/B/000087
web summary | website
Dommeldal (België - Belgique)
Transboundery habitat restoration in the valley of the Dommel
LIFE05 NAT/B/000091
web summary | website
ROSTAM (Deutschland)
Rosenheimer master basin bogs
LIFE05 NAT/D/000053
web summary | website
RERABOG-DK (Danmark)
Restoration of raised bogs in Denmark with new methods
LIFE05 NAT/DK/000150
web summary | website
Life plateau de Montselgues (France)
Preservation of the heathlands, peatlands and bats of Montselgues
LIFE05 NAT/F/000135
web summary | website
GreenBelt (Finland Suomi)
Natural Forests and mires in the "Green Belt" of Koillismaa and Kainuu
LIFE04 NAT/FI/000078
web summary | website
RRBI (Ireland)
Restoring raised bogs in Ireland
LIFE04 NAT/IE/000121
web summary | website
MIRES (Latvia Latvija)
Implementation of mire habitat management plan for Latvia
LIFE04 NAT/LV/000196
web summary | website
PLBALTBOGS (Poland Polska)
Conservation of baltic raised bogs in Pomerania, Poland
LIFE04 NAT/PL/000208
web summary | website
Saint Hubert (België - Belgique)
Rehabilitation of peat and wet habitats on the Saint-Hubert Plateau
LIFE03 NAT/B/000019
web summary | website
Boreal forests (Finland Suomi)
Restoration of boreal forests and forest-covered mires
LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000034
web summary | website
Karelian Mires (Finland Suomi)
Karelian mires and virgin forests - pearls in the chain of geohistory
LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000036
web summary | website
Olvassuo (Finland Suomi)
Protection of aapa mire wilderness in Ostrobothnia and Kainuu
LIFE02 NAT/FIN/008469
web summary | website
Aapa & Avi (Finland Suomi)
Protection and usage of aapa mires with a rich avifauna
LIFE00 NAT/FIN/007060
web summary
Blanket bog (United Kingdom)
Restoring active blanket bog of European importance in North Scotland
LIFE00 NAT/UK/007075
web summary | website

More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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