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Tourism and Accommodation

In this section, the most recent tourism & accomodation related LIFE projects are presented. For each project, links to further information (layman's report, project website and project summary) have been included where they exist. The "Read More" section of some project summaries also includes links to publications or videos specific to the project in question.

LIFE STARS (+20) (España)
Support Tourism And Reduction Strategy (+20) : STARS (+20)
LIFE12 ENV/ES/000138
web summary | website
LIFE - AMMOS (Ellas)
Integrated information campaign for the reduction of smoking related litter on beaches
LIFE12 INF/GR/000985
web summary | website
Teruel Balance+Positivo (España)
Recovery of the natural periurban area "Las Arcillas": Sustainable "Environmental Balance"
LIFE11 ENV/ES/000515
web summary | website
Burren Tourism (Ireland)
Burren Tourism for Conservation
LIFE11 ENV/IE/000922
web summary | website
Investing in Water (Malta)
Achieving Reduction in Water Consumption by Business in Malta
LIFE10 INF/MT/000091
web summary | website
Strategic Planning Towards Carbon Neutrality in Tourism Accommodation Sector
LIFE09 ENV/GR/000297
web summary | website
T.A.SM.A.C. (Italia)
Tourism Accessibility in Small Attractive Cities
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000146
web summary | website
Communicating for the sustainability of socio economic activities, human use and biodiversity in Natura 2000 network sites in Madeira Archipelago
LIFE09 INF/PT/000045
web summary | website
Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas for a sustainable development at low emission of greenhouse gasses
LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404
web summary | website
Public-Private Partnerships to optimise waste prevention, recovery and recycling systems in mass tourism destinations
LIFE07 ENV/GR/000265
web summary | website
POLPROP-NATURA (Latvia Latvija)
Proposals for environmental policy and governance based on demonstration of environmental, social and economic benefits from torism in the Slitere national park - A NATURA2000 territory
LIFE07 ENV/LV/000981
web summary | website
ECO-CAMPS (France)
Eco-design and eco-engineering of buildings, amenities and accommodations in campsites
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000321
web summary | website
ShMILE (France)
Sustainable hotels in Mediterranean Islands and area - A demonstration project in Corsica, Sardinia and Halkidiki for EU-wide promotion of the EU eco-label on tourist accommodation service
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000340
web summary
Green Drachma II (Ellas)
Promoting sustainable Development in the Region of Halkidiki through Concerted Pilot Actions on Integrated Product Policy Tools
LIFE04 ENV/GR/000145
web summary
P.H.A.R.O.S. (Italia)
Playground harbour and research of sustainability
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000437
web summary | website1 | website2
Promotion of Environmental management on a sensitive ecotouristical site in Camargue
LIFE03 ENV/F/000260
web summary | website
LIFE02 ENV/E/000263
web summary | website
EcoMonte (Österreich)
Integrated Environmental Management for Sustainable Development in the alpin region Grosses Walsertal - Austria
LIFE00 ENV/A/000249
web summary | website
Zantecoast (Ellas)
ICZM: Demonstration actions in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos
LIFE00 ENV/GR/000751
web summary | website
Green certificate (Latvia Latvija)
Development of the criteria for the Green Certificate, implementation and control in rural areas and small towns in Latvia
LIFE00 ENV/LV/000959
web summary | website
ECO-LAB (Nederland)
Eco-labels for Sustainable Tourism in Europe: demonstrating how Eco-labels can move the European tourism market towards sustainability
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000810
web summary | website1 | website2

More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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