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Public and Stakeholders participation

In this section, the most recent public & stakeholders participation related LIFE projects are presented. For each project, links to further information (layman's report, project website and project summary) have been included where they exist. The "Read More" section of some project summaries also includes links to publications or videos specific to the project in question.

Improving human coexistence with large carnivores in Europe through communication and transboundary cooperation
LIFE16 GIE/DE/000661
web summary | website
LIFE NATURA 2000 + BEAR (España)
Living in Natura 2000 and living with bears in two small and endangered subpopulations
LIFE16 GIE/ES/000621
web summary | website
LIFE ELCN (Deutschland)
Development of a European private land conservation network
LIFE16 PRE/DE/000005
web summary
NaturAll LIFE (Bulgaria Balgarija)
NaturAll LIFE: Build up acceptance of Natura2000 among key audiences; bring up generation of knowledgeable supporters
LIFE15 GIE/BG/000977
web summary | website
The wolf of Andalusia: changing attitudes
LIFE15 GIE/ES/000962
web summary | website
Life Net pro Net (Italia)
Net pro Net: una rete di volontari per contribuire alla gestione attiva della Rete Natura 2000
LIFE15 GIE/IT/000897
web summary | website
LIFE ASAP (Italia)
Alien Species Awareness Program
LIFE15 GIE/IT/001039
web summary | website
LIFE ARTEMIS (Slovenia Slovenija)
Awareness Raising, Training and Measures on Invasive alien Species in forests
LIFE15 GIE/SI/000770
web summary | website
LIFE URBAN-ADAPT: demonstrating urban climate adaptation and resilience in inner city Rotterdam
LIFE14 CCA/NL/000302
web summary | website
LIFE Natura Themis (Ellas)
Promoting awareness of wildlife crime prosecution and liability for biodiversity damage in NATURA 2000 areas in Crete.
LIFE14 GIE/GR/000026
web summary | website
LIFE ForestLife (Ellas)
Building cooperation, developing skills and sharing knowledge for Natura 2000 forests in Greece
LIFE14 GIE/GR/000304
web summary | website
LIFE-GREEN4GREY (België - Belgique)
Innovative design & development of multifunctional green & blue infrastructure in Flanders grey peri-urban landscapes
LIFE13 ENV/BE/000212
web summary | website
LIFE EWAS (España)
Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000725
web summary | website1 | website2
GIOCONDA - i GIOvani CONtano nelle Decisioni su Ambiente e salute - Young voices count in decisions on env
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000225
web summary | website
LIFE SMART4Action (Italia)
Sustainable Monitoring And Reporting To Inform Forest- and Environmental Awareness and Protection
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000813
web summary | website
Monitoring biodiversity by a Citizen Science approach for solving environmental problems
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000842
web summary | website
LIFE+ inREACH (Italia)
inREACH: protecting health and environment by streamlining REACH compliance check at European Economic Area import stage
LIFE13 ENV/IT/000849
web summary | website
AIS LIFE (Italia)
Aerobiological Information Systems and allergic respiratory disease management
LIFE13 ENV/IT/001107
web summary | website
LIFE Viva Grass (Lithuania Lietuva)
Integrated planning tool to ensure viability of grasslands
LIFE13 ENV/LT/000189
web summary | website
LIFE WaterLIFE (United Kingdom)
Delivery of the Water Framework Directive through collaborative action between civil society and the private sector
LIFE13 ENV/UK/000497
web summary | website
LIFE SMART Waste (United Kingdom)
Smarter Regulation of Waste in Europe
LIFE13 ENV/UK/000549
web summary | website
Preparation of a strategy of adaptation to climate change with use of city climate mapping and public participation
LIFE13 INF/PL/000039
web summary | website
LIFE ObservaTREE (United Kingdom)
LIFE ObservaTREE - an integrated early warning system for tree pests and diseases using citizen science
LIFE12 ENV/UK/000731
web summary | website
People CO2Cero (España)
Mobilization and empowerment of citizens and stakeholders in the custody and promotion of the urban environment in the city of Soria
LIFE10 ENV/ES/000494
web summary | website
Boosting Land Stewardship as a Conservation Tool in the Western Mediterranean Arch: a Communication and Training Scheme
LIFE10 INF/ES/000540
web summary | website
Green public building platform for the promotion of a Green City
LIFE09 ENV/FR/000602
web summary | website
SUN EAGLE (Italia)
Endorsement actions for Governance of local environment
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000115
web summary | website
CLICC (Sverige)
Climate Living in Cities Concept
LIFE09 ENV/SE/000350
web summary | website
CISDP (France)
Cleaning Industry Sustainable Development Programme
LIFE08 ENV/F/000481
web summary | website
ACT (Italia)
Adapting to climate change in Time
LIFE08 ENV/IT/000436
web summary | website
CLIM-LOCAL2020 (Ellas)
Developing Local Plans for Climate Mitigation by 2020
LIFE07 ENV/GR/000282
web summary | website
Waste Network for sustainable solid waste management planning and promotion of integrated decision tools in the Balkan Region
LIFE07 ENV/RO/000686
web summary | website
PISCES (United Kingdom)
Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic sea Eco-System
LIFE07 ENV/UK/000943
web summary | website
EWWR (France)
European Week for Waste Reduction
LIFE07 INF/F/000185
web summary | website
EstepÁrias (Portugal)
Conservation of Great Bustard, Little Bustard and Lesser Kestrel in the Baixo Alentejo cereal steppes
LIFE07 NAT/P/000654
web summary | website
Durable Regions On Peripheal Areas for Water Reduction
LIFE02 ENV/E/000183
web summary | website
LIFE02 ENV/E/000263
web summary | website
Zantecoast (Ellas)
ICZM: Demonstration actions in the National Marine Park of Zakynthos
LIFE00 ENV/GR/000751
web summary | website
Urban woods (Sverige)
Demonstration of ways to increase peoples recreational benefits from urban woodlands
LIFE00 ENV/S/000868
web summary | website
Ythan Project (United Kingdom)
The Ythan Project - sustainable land management in the Ythan catchment
LIFE00 ENV/UK/000894
web summary | website

More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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