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Risk management : Best Projects

Best of the best

Since 2005, the EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee, together with the LIFE Unit, have identified the following Best LIFE-Environment projects dealing with risk management issues.

AIRUSE (España)
Testing and Development of air quality mitigation measures in Southern Europe
LIFE11 ENV/ES/000584
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ROEM-plus (España)
High resolution AppROach for ManagEMent of Surface Water EutroPhication in RuraL areas of the DUero River BaSin
LIFE11 ENV/ES/000590
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LIFE11 ENV/IT/000275
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Odourless casting (Finland Suomi)
Odour and hazardous emission abatement of foundries
LIFE10 ENV/FI/000059
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ASROCKS (Finland Suomi)
Guidelines for Sustainable Exploitation of Aggregate Resources in Areas with Elevated Arsenic Concentrations
LIFE10 ENV/FI/000062
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CHARM (Ellas)
Chromium in Asopos groundwater system: remediation technologies and measures
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000601
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ArcFUEL (Ellas)
Mediterranean fuel maps geodatabase for wildland & forest fire safety
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000617
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Geohealth (Slovakia Slovensko)
The impact of geological environment on health status of residents of the Slovak Republic
LIFE10 ENV/SK/000086
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DEMOCOPHESII (België - Belgique)
Demonstration of a study to coordinate and perform human biomonitoring on a European scale
LIFE09 ENV/BE/000410
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REDUST (Finland Suomi)
Best winter maintenance practices to reduce respirable street dust in urban areas - demonstration of best practices, strategy development and implementation
LIFE09 ENV/FI/000579
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Pervasive Air-quality Sensors Network for an Environmental Friendly Urban Traffic Management
LIFE08 ENV/E/000107
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AdaptFor (Ellas)
Adaptation of forest management to climate change in Greece
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000554
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HydroClimateStrategyRiga (Latvia Latvija)
Integrated Strategy for Riga City to Adapt to the Hydrological Processes Intensified by Climate Change Phenomena
LIFE08 ENV/LV/000451
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VACCIA (Finland Suomi)
Vulnerability assessment of ecosystem services for climate change impacts and adaptation
LIFE07 ENV/FIN/000141
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Lake recult. in Gniezno (Poland Polska)
Recultivation of Jelonek and Winiary lakes in Gniezno by inactivation of phosphorus in bottom sediments
LIFE07 ENV/PL/000605
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ArtWET (France)
Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution and phytoremediation in artificial wetland ecosystems
LIFE06 ENV/F/000133
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INSIMEP (België - Belgique)
In Situ Metal Precipitation for remediation of groundwater contaminated with non ferrous metals
LIFE05 ENV/B/000517
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SAPID (Italia)
Strategy for agricultural products identify defence. Wide area protection of agriculture products identity from Gmo pollution
LIFE05 ENV/IT/000937
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AIR-AWARE (Romania)
Air Pollution Impact Surveillance and Warning System for Urban Environment
LIFE05 ENV/RO/000106
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ART (Sverige)
Advanced Reactor Technology for Sustainable Production in the Chemical Industry
LIFE05 ENV/S/000401
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BioReGen (United Kingdom)
Biomass, remediation, re-generation: Re-using brownfields sites for renewable energy crops.
LIFE05 ENV/UK/000128
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RETOXMET (Hungary Magyarország)
Removal of toxic heavy metals from waste water by special yeast produced by bioconversion on food byproducts - an integrated solution for wastewater treatment
LIFE04 ENV/HU/000374
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VERBAL (Nederland)
The Vertical Flow Reed Bed at Leidsche Rijn. A natural way to filter urban water.
LIFE03 ENV/NL/000467
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Osis off shore (Danmark)
Sensor for identification of oil spills from offshore installations
LIFE02 ENV/DK/000151
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High temporal resolution urban monitoring of benzene, 1,3-butadiene and methylterbutylether and other volatile organic compounds: an idea to do it at low cost and high reliability
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000005
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IMOS (Italia)
Integrated Multi-Objective System for optimal management of urban drainage
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000080
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Air Pollution Forecasting, Alert and Monitoring System on Short Time Scale, at local and regional scale, in unfavourable meteorological and topographic conditions (AIR quality FORecast and ALarming system on pollution Levels - AIRFORALL)
LIFE00 ENV/RO/000987
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More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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