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Industry-Production : Best Projects

Best of the best

Since 2005, the EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee, together with the LIFE Unit, have identified the following Best LIFE-Environment projects dealing with industry & production issues.

Demonstration of new natural dyes from algae as substitution of synthetic dyes actually used by textile industries
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000445
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Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction: a sustainable strategy to use biomass for heat & cold in wineries.
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000776
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QUARTERBACK for LIFE (United Kingdom)
Crude glycerine water used on-site as a feedstock in an anaerobic digestion reactor to produce the renewable fuel biogas
LIFE13 ENV/UK/000401
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Demonstration of hygienic eco-design of food processing equipment as Best Available Technique
LIFE12 ENV/ES/001070
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Petrol based Glue and Energy consumption reduction in diapers production processes
LIFE12 ENV/IT/000423
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LIFE HelpSoil (Italia)
Helping enhanced soil functions and adaptation to climate change by sustainable conservation agriculture techniques
LIFE12 ENV/IT/000578
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Realization of green composite sinks substituting organic and mineral primary materials by recovered waste
LIFE12 ENV/IT/000736
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GtoG (België - Belgique)
GtoG: From Production to Recycling, a Circular Economy for the European Gypsum Industry with the Demolition and Recycling Industry
LIFE11 ENV/BE/001039
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LIFE11 ENV/ES/000530
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Wooldryscouring (WDS) (España)
Eco-Efficient Dry Wool Scouring with total by-products recovery
LIFE11 ENV/ES/000588
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BIological tools to Optimize Treatment Technologies to remove micro Pollutants and Endocrine disrupters
LIFE11 ENV/FR/000742
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WSTORE2 (Italia)
Reconciling agriculture with environment through a new water governance in coastal and saline areas
LIFE11 ENV/IT/000035
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HEO (Italia)
HEO - Highly Efficient Ovens through eco-friendly, energy efficient sol-gel enamelling process
LIFE11 ENV/IT/000103
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Crops for better soil (España)
Profitable organic farming techniques based on traditional crops: contrasting soil degradation in the Mediterranean
LIFE10 ENV/ES/000471
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BREAD4PLA (España)
LIFE10 ENV/ES/000479
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Odourless casting (Finland Suomi)
Odour and hazardous emission abatement of foundries
LIFE10 ENV/FI/000059
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ELINA (Ellas)
Integrated green life-cycle management of waste oils and petroleum residues
LIFE10 ENV/GR/000606
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PODEBA (Italia)
Use of poultry dejection for the bating phase in the tanning cycle
LIFE10 ENV/IT/000365
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Biorewit (Poland Polska)
New soil improvement products for reducing the pollution of soils and waters and revitalizing the soil system
LIFE10 ENV/PL/000661
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Climate Change Adaptation of the Structural Ceramics Industry by Decreasing the Firing Temperature Using Laser Technology
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000435
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AgriClimateChange (España)
Combating climate change through farming: application of a common evaluation system in the 4 largest agricultural economies of the EU
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000441
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Improving the environmental performance of publications from design to lecture!
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000457
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Development of Energy Efficiency in Architecture: Energy Renovation, Innovation and ICTs
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000466
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DOMOTIC (España)
Demonstration Of Models for Optimisation of Technologies for Intelligent Construction
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000493
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Transverse Flux Induction Strip Heating Demonstrator, a technology limiting CO2 emissions & acid wastes in Steel Industry
LIFE09 ENV/FR/000591
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AQUA (Italia)
Achieving good water QUality status in intensive Animal production areas
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000208
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Pure Energy Separator (Sverige)
Pure Energy Separator – Innovative Centrifugal Separator Technology for Energy Recovery and Oily Waste Volume Reduction
LIFE09 ENV/SE/000352
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Sustainable agriculture in Carbon arithmetics
LIFE08 ENV/E/000129
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Concentrated saline rejection treatment: Environmental Technology using a non profitable solid waste as energy source.
LIFE08 ENV/E/000133
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OXATAN (España)
Environmentally friendly oxazolidine-tanned leather
LIFE08 ENV/E/000140
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Integral management model of cathode rays glass: closing the circle of recovery, recycling and reuse of WEEE'S
LIFE08 ENV/E/000148
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HydroSense (Ellas)
Innovative precision technologies for optimised irrigation and integrated crop management in a water-limited agrosystem
LIFE08 ENV/GR/000570
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MEDAPHON (Hungary Magyarország)
Monitoring Soil Biological Activity by using a novel tool: EDAPHOLOG-System - system building and field testing
LIFE08 ENV/H/000292
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ECOSMA (Deutschland)
Ecological Certification of Products from Sustainable Marine Aquaculture
LIFE07 ENV/D/000229
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From Roof to Road (Danmark)
From Roof to Road - Innovative recycling of bitumen felt roofing material
LIFE07 ENV/DK/000102
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WGF-PP (España)
Dmonstration of a process to recycle glas fibre waste, placed on rubbish dump, producing Polypropilene composites
LIFE07 ENV/E/000802
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EDEA (España)
Efficient Development of Eco-Architecture: Methods and Technologies for Public Social Housing Building in Extremadura
LIFE07 ENV/E/000805
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WEEE-NET (España)
Project to demonstrate an innovative ICT platform as support tool to implement Community Policy for the sustainable management of e-waste
LIFE07 ENV/E/000842
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EcoPest (Ellas)
'Strategic plan for the adaptation and application of the principles for the sustainable use of pesticides in a vulnerable ecosystem'
LIFE07 ENV/GR/000266
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Strategies to improve and protect soil quality from the disposal of olive mills' wastes in the Mediterranean region
LIFE07 ENV/GR/000280
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Improvement of policies toward local voluntary carbon markets for climate change mitigation
LIFE07 ENV/IT/000388
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BATinLoko (Portugal)
Environmental performance indicators and their relation with economic factors in textile BAT implementation
LIFE07 ENV/P/000625
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PISCES (United Kingdom)
Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic sea Eco-System
LIFE07 ENV/UK/000943
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LIFE+campaign 'Changing the change'. The Galician agriculture and forest sector facing climate change.
LIFE07 INF/E/000852
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WETLIFE (Lithuania Lietuva)
Restoring Hydrology in Amalvas and Žuvintas Wetlands
LIFE07 NAT/LT/000530
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INSU-SHELL (Deutschland)
Environmentally Friendly Facade Elements made of thermal insulated Textile Reinforced Concrete (INSU-SHELL)
LIFE06 ENV/D/000471
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BASHYCAT : Basic hydrometallurgy on catalysts
LIFE06 ENV/F/000125
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ArtWET (France)
Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution and phytoremediation in artificial wetland ecosystems
LIFE06 ENV/F/000133
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VOCless pulping (Finland Suomi)
Control of VOC emissions from mechanical pulping beyond BAT
LIFE06 ENV/FIN/000201
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UME (Italia)
Ultrasound micro-cut ecosustainable
LIFE06 ENV/IT/000254
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Seq-Cure (Italia)
Integrated systems to enhance sequestration of carbon, producing energy crops by using organic residues
LIFE06 ENV/IT/000266
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EFFERNERGY (Luxembourg)
Energy Efficient Building Systems
LIFE06 ENV/L/000121
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Green Bearings (Nederland)
Demonstrating innovative technologies that significantly improve the environmental performance of bearings
LIFE06 ENV/NL/000176
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Brine Recovery (Nederland)
Brine Recovery in the production of polycarbonate
LIFE06 ENV/NL/000178
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BIOAGRO (Sverige)
Innovative method for reduction of emissions of green house gases and waste from the agriculture sector
LIFE06 ENV/S/000517
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TOPPS (België - Belgique)
Train the operators to prevent pollution from point sources
LIFE05 ENV/B/000510
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INOCAST (Deutschland)
Demonstration of environmentally friendly aluminium engine block Core Package casting (CPS) using an inorganic binder
LIFE05 ENV/D/000185
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HVD (Deutschland)
Hydro-Mechanical Descaling Process based on High-Pressure Vacuum Technology Using Scales as Abrasive Blast Medium
LIFE05 ENV/D/000207
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AGWAPLAN (Danmark)
Integrated Protection of Surface and Groundwater in Agricultural Regions
LIFE05 ENV/DK/000155
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CO2REF (Danmark)
Development and demonstration of a prototype transcritical CO2 refrigeration system
LIFE05 ENV/DK/000156
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Ozone clean in place in food industries
LIFE05 ENV/E/000251
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ZERO PLUS (España)
Integral liquid residuals management model for surface tratment industries through BAT's (ZERO PLUS)
LIFE05 ENV/E/000256
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RESITEX (España)
Alternatives for waste volume reduction in the textile sector through the application of minimisation measures in the process and in the consumption.
LIFE05 ENV/E/000285
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ELVES (España)
Development of a system for high-quality separation of metal alloys from end-of-life-vehicle engines and its reuse in new engines and components for automotive sector
LIFE05 ENV/E/000317
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PRIORAT (España)
Making compatible mountain viticulture development with European Landscape Convention objectives
LIFE05 ENV/E/000330
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AWARE (France)
Reducing pesticide-related water pollution by improving crop protection practices: The use of embedded ICT technologies.
LIFE05 ENV/F/000058
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GAP (France)
Clean alternative technology to chemical milling: demonstration of technical, environmental and economic performance of mechanical milling for the machining of complex shaped panels used in the aeronautical and space industries - GAP (Green Advanced Panels) project
LIFE05 ENV/F/000062
web summary | Layman1
SAPID (Italia)
Strategy for agricultural products identify defence. Wide area protection of agriculture products identity from Gmo pollution
LIFE05 ENV/IT/000937
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ECOSB (Luxembourg)
New and environmentally friendly OSB panels
LIFE05 ENV/L/000047
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CLB (Nederland)
Demonstration of a closed loop blanching system for the potato processing industry
LIFE05 ENV/NL/000035
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ART (Sverige)
Advanced Reactor Technology for Sustainable Production in the Chemical Industry
LIFE05 ENV/S/000401
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JELLY (España)
Demonstration project for gelatine production with use of innovative technology achieving an important washing wastewater reduction
LIFE04 ENV/ES/000224
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To demonstrate the effectiveness as well as the environmental and economic interest to promote in Europe the culture of short rotation coppices of willow accordingly to the Breton context of reconquest the water quality
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000320
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ECO-CAMPS (France)
Eco-design and eco-engineering of buildings, amenities and accommodations in campsites
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000321
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Installation of A Fuel Cell in Paris
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000331
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IPP TEL (Ellas)
Integrated Product Policy in the Telecommunication Sector
LIFE04 ENV/GR/000138
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N.E.S.S. (Italia)
New Eco Spray System
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000414
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Sustainable water management in the textile wet industry through an innovative treatment process for wastewater re-use
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000583
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ESD (Italia)
New ESD (eco-sustainable drawing) system, environment-friendly to process steel wire rods / by-products, eliminating the current pickling practice and the related chemical fumes possessing a high environmental impact substituting the ...
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000598
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Comanacy (Cyprus)
Conservation management in Natura 2000 sites of Cyprus
LIFE04 NAT/CY/000013
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PROCOOL (Österreich)
Development and successful market penetration of HFC-free and eco-efficient cold appliances for the commercial use
LIFE03 ENV/A/000002
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Recarc (Deutschland)
Recycling of residues from metallurgical industry with the arc furnace technology
LIFE03 ENV/D/000043
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LIFE03 ENV/E/000106
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Demonstration of water saving for watering uses through the experimentation of artificial intelligence integrated in traditional systems of water control
LIFE03 ENV/E/000164
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Development of an economically viable process for the integrated management via utilization of winemaking industry waste; production of high added value natural products and organic fertilizer
LIFE03 ENV/GR/000223
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ANPHOS (Nederland)
Environmentally friendly phosphorus removal in anaerobe effluent by means of the struvite process
LIFE03 ENV/NL/000465
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Empereur (Nederland)
Emulsion Pertraction for Europe
LIFE03 ENV/NL/000476
web summary | Layman1 - Layman2
Dairy, no water ! (Nederland)
A dairy industry which is self-supporting in water
LIFE03 ENV/NL/000488
web summary | Layman1
ExtEnSity (Portugal)
Environmental and Sustainable Management Systems in Extensive Agriculture
LIFE03 ENV/P/000505
web summary | Layman1 - Layman2 | Website1
SONATURA (Portugal)
Vapour Phase Bioreactors for Agro-non-Food Industries
LIFE03 ENV/P/000521
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Basta (Sverige)
Phasing Out Very Dangerous Substances from the Construction Industry
LIFE03 ENV/S/000594
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Tanwater (Sverige)
Reduction of the nitrogen discharge from the leather industry
LIFE03 ENV/S/000595
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Reuseoil (Sverige)
Recovery of Used Oil filters generating recyclable metal and oil fractions
LIFE03 ENV/S/000596
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Stiim (Sverige)
System for Thermal Sedd Treatment - an Integrated Approach to Implementation and Management in the EU Seed Industry
LIFE03 ENV/S/000600
web summary | Layman1 | Website1 - Website2
Ref Project (United Kingdom)
Demonstration of a Recycling, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Modular Batch Heater Plant
LIFE03 ENV/UK/000615
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
BBMpassiv (Österreich)
Multifunctional company and administration building with logistics and cultural centre in passive house standard in sustainable timber construction
LIFE02 ENV/A/000285
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
USS (Deutschland)
Waste Water Cleaning through Ultrasonic Resonance
LIFE02 ENV/D/000404
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
SuperC (Deutschland)
Geothermal energy supply for heating and cooling of the Students' Service Center of RWTH Institute of Technology University of Aachen
LIFE02 ENV/D/000408
web summary | Layman1
Implementation of an AD facility at a Spanish slaughterhouse for a sustainably closed energy and waste cycle
LIFE02 ENV/E/000187
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Development of a new salt water purification system in the tanning sector for reuse
LIFE02 ENV/E/000216
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Demonstration plant for the recycling of fat produced by processes of degreasing skins
LIFE02 ENV/E/000236
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
PERCUS (España)
Modular Electrochemical Process for the Recovery of Copper in metal form, contained in SPENT-PERCUS
LIFE02 ENV/E/000237
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Paroc-WIM (Finland Suomi)
Waste injection into the stone wool melting furnace
LIFE02 ENV/FIN/000328
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Microfinishing (Italia)
A new dry process of microfinishing of gres porcelain and natural stone surfaces, which will substitute the stage of smoothing/polishing, drastically decreasing the environmental impact of this stage, to aim for a sustainable development
LIFE02 ENV/IT/000052
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
ENERLAB (Latvia Latvija)
Energy labelling of apartment buildings
LIFE02 ENV/LV/000478
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
TANEFTREAT (Nederland)
Demonstration of effective and efficient TANnery EFfluent TREATment using an innnovative integrated and compact biological and physical treatment plant
LIFE02 ENV/NL/000114
web summary | Layman1
S-House (Österreich)
S-House: innovative use of renewable resources demonstrated by means of an office and exhibition building
LIFE00 ENV/A/000243
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Recdemo (Deutschland)
Complete Utilisation of the Sand Fraction from Demolition Waste Recycling
LIFE00 ENV/D/000319
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Co-composting procedures and its use on afforestation, landscaping and forestry and agricultural crops in the Andalusian region
LIFE00 ENV/E/000543
web summary | Layman1
Minos (Ellas)
Process development for an integrated olive oil mill waste management recovering natural antioxidants and producing organic fertilizer
LIFE00 ENV/GR/000671
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
GIADA (Italia)
Integrated Environmental Management in the tannery district of Chiampo Valley (Italy)
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000184
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
Development of a clean coating technology pvd for decorative applications on metal components in place of the traditional (galvanic) coating technologies
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000213
web summary | Layman1 | Website1
DETECTIVE (Nederland)
Demonstration Textile CO2 Treatment Introduction Validation Effort
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000797
web summary | Layman1
EQuation (Nederland)
Demonstration and dissmeination project for stimulating architects and local governments to build sustainable with help of innovative design tools
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000808
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Tiroler Lech (Österreich)
Wild river landscape of the Tyrolean Lech
LIFE00 NAT/A/007053
web summary
Roof greening (Sverige)
Extensive roof greening
LIFE98 ENV/S/000482
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More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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