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Environmental management : Best Projects

Best of the best

Since 2005, the EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee, together with the LIFE Unit, have identified the following Best LIFE-Environment projects dealing with environmental management issues.

Demonstration of new natural dyes from algae as substitution of synthetic dyes actually used by textile industries
LIFE13 ENV/ES/000445
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QUARTERBACK for LIFE (United Kingdom)
Crude glycerine water used on-site as a feedstock in an anaerobic digestion reactor to produce the renewable fuel biogas
LIFE13 ENV/UK/000401
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Demonstration of hygienic eco-design of food processing equipment as Best Available Technique
LIFE12 ENV/ES/001070
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Petrol based Glue and Energy consumption reduction in diapers production processes
LIFE12 ENV/IT/000423
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Wooldryscouring (WDS) (España)
Eco-Efficient Dry Wool Scouring with total by-products recovery
LIFE11 ENV/ES/000588
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CRESIM (Italia)
Energy-efficient CFRP remanufacture from regenerated carbon fibres, using fast demoulding high pressure spray injection
LIFE11 ENV/IT/000095
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Odourless casting (Finland Suomi)
Odour and hazardous emission abatement of foundries
LIFE10 ENV/FI/000059
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PODEBA (Italia)
Use of poultry dejection for the bating phase in the tanning cycle
LIFE10 ENV/IT/000365
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B.R.A.V.E. (Italia)
Better Regulation Aimed at Valorising Emas
LIFE10 ENV/IT/000423
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AgriClimateChange (España)
Combating climate change through farming: application of a common evaluation system in the 4 largest agricultural economies of the EU
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000441
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Improving the environmental performance of publications from design to lecture!
LIFE09 ENV/ES/000457
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Transverse Flux Induction Strip Heating Demonstrator, a technology limiting CO2 emissions & acid wastes in Steel Industry
LIFE09 ENV/FR/000591
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Waste management options for greenhouse gases emissions control
LIFE09 ENV/GR/000294
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Pure Energy Separator (Sverige)
Pure Energy Separator – Innovative Centrifugal Separator Technology for Energy Recovery and Oily Waste Volume Reduction
LIFE09 ENV/SE/000352
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Compromise for a reduction of the environmental impact of the retail sector
LIFE08 ENV/E/000138
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OXATAN (España)
Environmentally friendly oxazolidine-tanned leather
LIFE08 ENV/E/000140
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ENERG-ICE (Italia)
New PU Foaming Technology for the Cold Appliance Industry Assuring a Cost-Efficient Ecodesign with Augmented Energy Saving
LIFE08 ENV/IT/000411
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ECOSMA (Deutschland)
Ecological Certification of Products from Sustainable Marine Aquaculture
LIFE07 ENV/D/000229
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EDEA (España)
Efficient Development of Eco-Architecture: Methods and Technologies for Public Social Housing Building in Extremadura
LIFE07 ENV/E/000805
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POLPROP-NATURA (Latvia Latvija)
Proposals for environmental policy and governance based on demonstration of environmental, social and economic benefits from torism in the Slitere national park - A NATURA2000 territory
LIFE07 ENV/LV/000981
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BATinLoko (Portugal)
Environmental performance indicators and their relation with economic factors in textile BAT implementation
LIFE07 ENV/P/000625
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TOSCA (Sverige)
Towards sustainable value chains through a common approach for company strategic work and daily operations
LIFE07 ENV/S/000912
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INSU-SHELL (Deutschland)
Environmentally Friendly Facade Elements made of thermal insulated Textile Reinforced Concrete (INSU-SHELL)
LIFE06 ENV/D/000471
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UME (Italia)
Ultrasound micro-cut ecosustainable
LIFE06 ENV/IT/000254
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EFFERNERGY (Luxembourg)
Energy Efficient Building Systems
LIFE06 ENV/L/000121
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Brine Recovery (Nederland)
Brine Recovery in the production of polycarbonate
LIFE06 ENV/NL/000178
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INOCAST (Deutschland)
Demonstration of environmentally friendly aluminium engine block Core Package casting (CPS) using an inorganic binder
LIFE05 ENV/D/000185
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HVD (Deutschland)
Hydro-Mechanical Descaling Process based on High-Pressure Vacuum Technology Using Scales as Abrasive Blast Medium
LIFE05 ENV/D/000207
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Ozone clean in place in food industries
LIFE05 ENV/E/000251
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ZERO PLUS (España)
Integral liquid residuals management model for surface tratment industries through BAT's (ZERO PLUS)
LIFE05 ENV/E/000256
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PRIORAT (España)
Making compatible mountain viticulture development with European Landscape Convention objectives
LIFE05 ENV/E/000330
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GAP (France)
Clean alternative technology to chemical milling: demonstration of technical, environmental and economic performance of mechanical milling for the machining of complex shaped panels used in the aeronautical and space industries - GAP (Green Advanced Panels) project
LIFE05 ENV/F/000062
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IDEAL 79 (France)
Ideal 79: Sustainable Initiatives and Local Alternatives towards waste prevention
LIFE05 ENV/F/000063
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IDEMS (Italia)
Integration and Development of Environmental Management Systems
LIFE05 ENV/IT/000808
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ECOSB (Luxembourg)
New and environmentally friendly OSB panels
LIFE05 ENV/L/000047
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CLB (Nederland)
Demonstration of a closed loop blanching system for the potato processing industry
LIFE05 ENV/NL/000035
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ART (Sverige)
Advanced Reactor Technology for Sustainable Production in the Chemical Industry
LIFE05 ENV/S/000401
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JELLY (España)
Demonstration project for gelatine production with use of innovative technology achieving an important washing wastewater reduction
LIFE04 ENV/ES/000224
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ECO-CAMPS (France)
Eco-design and eco-engineering of buildings, amenities and accommodations in campsites
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000321
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ACADEMY (France)
Airbus Corporate Answer to Disseminate integrated Environmental Management System
LIFE04 ENV/FR/000353
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IPP TEL (Ellas)
Integrated Product Policy in the Telecommunication Sector
LIFE04 ENV/GR/000138
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Green Drachma II (Ellas)
Promoting sustainable Development in the Region of Halkidiki through Concerted Pilot Actions on Integrated Product Policy Tools
LIFE04 ENV/GR/000145
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N.E.S.S. (Italia)
New Eco Spray System
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000414
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AGEMAS (Italia)
Integration of Agenda 21 and EMAS in a wide area with relevant ecological value
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000494
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ESD (Italia)
New ESD (eco-sustainable drawing) system, environment-friendly to process steel wire rods / by-products, eliminating the current pickling practice and the related chemical fumes possessing a high environmental impact substituting the ...
LIFE04 ENV/IT/000598
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StartIPP (Portugal)
Starting with the promotion of IPP approach in Mediterranean countries
LIFE04 ENV/P/000716
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Promotion of Environmental management on a sensitive ecotouristical site in Camargue
LIFE03 ENV/F/000260
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Empereur (Nederland)
Emulsion Pertraction for Europe
LIFE03 ENV/NL/000476
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EMAS @ SCHOOL (Portugal)
Environmental Management and Audit Scheme implementation at a complex school
LIFE03 ENV/P/000501
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EMAS LAB (Portugal)
Eco-Management Audit Scheme for Local Authorities Environmental Benchmarking
LIFE03 ENV/P/000504
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ExtEnSity (Portugal)
Environmental and Sustainable Management Systems in Extensive Agriculture
LIFE03 ENV/P/000505
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BBMpassiv (Österreich)
Multifunctional company and administration building with logistics and cultural centre in passive house standard in sustainable timber construction
LIFE02 ENV/A/000285
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Demonstration plant for the recycling of fat produced by processes of degreasing skins
LIFE02 ENV/E/000236
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PERCUS (España)
Modular Electrochemical Process for the Recovery of Copper in metal form, contained in SPENT-PERCUS
LIFE02 ENV/E/000237
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ECOREG (Finland Suomi)
The Eco-Efficiency of Regions - Case Kymenlaakso (ECOREG)
LIFE02 ENV/FIN/000331
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Development and implementation of eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) in educational institution
LIFE02 ENV/GR/000363
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GPPnet (Italia)
GPPnet Green Public Procurement Network
LIFE02 ENV/IT/000023
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Microfinishing (Italia)
A new dry process of microfinishing of gres porcelain and natural stone surfaces, which will substitute the stage of smoothing/polishing, drastically decreasing the environmental impact of this stage, to aim for a sustainable development
LIFE02 ENV/IT/000052
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CER-COM+ (Italia)
EMAS II Certification of the Comunita' Montana
LIFE02 ENV/IT/000092
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ENERLAB (Latvia Latvija)
Energy labelling of apartment buildings
LIFE02 ENV/LV/000478
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ECON-TAINER (Nederland)
The demonstration of an environmental friendly cargo handling plant in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
LIFE02 ENV/NL/000124
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Activated carbon manufacturing using xylite charcoal for environment application
LIFE02 ENV/RO/000461
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S-House (Österreich)
S-House: innovative use of renewable resources demonstrated by means of an office and exhibition building
LIFE00 ENV/A/000243
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EcoMonte (Österreich)
Integrated Environmental Management for Sustainable Development in the alpin region Grosses Walsertal - Austria
LIFE00 ENV/A/000249
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IEM in Hospitals (Deutschland)
Development of Environmental Management Systems in Hospitals from four European Regions and Integration in QM-Systems
LIFE00 ENV/D/000317
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ECOLUP (Deutschland)
Environmental Management for local land use planning
LIFE00 ENV/D/000326
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WPCRecycle (Deutschland)
Pilot-plant for the material utilization of plastic waste in the production of products based on new, polimere-bound wood materials
LIFE00 ENV/D/000348
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Bothnian Bay Life (Finland Suomi)
Integrated Management System for the Bothnian Bay
LIFE00 ENV/FIN/000646
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RefinARS (Italia)
Absorption and recovery of sulphur from flue gas of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), by a special reusable buffer
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000012
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GIADA (Italia)
Integrated Environmental Management in the tannery district of Chiampo Valley (Italy)
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000184
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Tandem (Italia)
Pilot action for promoting EMAS among Local Bodies operating on a large territory (Provinces and main Municipalities) in TANDEM with Local Agenda 21
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000192
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Development of a clean coating technology pvd for decorative applications on metal components in place of the traditional (galvanic) coating technologies
LIFE00 ENV/IT/000213
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Green certificate (Latvia Latvija)
Development of the criteria for the Green Certificate, implementation and control in rural areas and small towns in Latvia
LIFE00 ENV/LV/000959
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DETECTIVE (Nederland)
Demonstration Textile CO2 Treatment Introduction Validation Effort
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000797
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EQuation (Nederland)
Demonstration and dissmeination project for stimulating architects and local governments to build sustainable with help of innovative design tools
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000808
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PlusPunten (Nederland)
Demonstration project PlusPunten Rotterdam
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000809
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ECO-LAB (Nederland)
Eco-labels for Sustainable Tourism in Europe: demonstrating how Eco-labels can move the European tourism market towards sustainability
LIFE00 ENV/NL/000810
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More Projects

For yet more examples of projects funded by the programme, visit the LIFE project database.

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