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LIFEnews archive: 2014

N° 8 september 2014

LIFEnews September2014

The September edition of LIFEnews focuses on river restoration and fish ecology.

The lead article presents the highlights of the platform meeting on riverine species that was held in Estonia at the beginning of the month. The second article features interviews with an EU policy officer and a scientific expert about LIFE's role in the conservation of freshwater fish.



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N° 7 July-August 2014

LIFEnews July-August 2014

The summer issue of LIFEnews looks at the topic of climate change mitigation and adaptation. The lead article focuses on a LIFE platform meeting in the UK about the ecosystem services approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The second article features interviews with Mette Quinn, Deputy Head of DG CLIMA's Climate Finance and Deforestation Unit, and Juan Pérez Lorenzo, Policy Officer from the Adaptation Unit.



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N° 6 June 2014

LIFEnews JUNE 2014The June edition of LIFEnews reports on LIFE at Green Week 2014. The lead article features a platform meeting on waste held during the event. The second article focuses on building a funding strategy for circular economy projects and covers presentations by several speakers at Green Week, including the Head of the LIFE Nature Unit, Angelo Salsi. It also presents the Best LIFE Environment and LIFE Information and Communication projects of 2013 which were showcased at an awards ceremony during Green Week.


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N° 5 May 2014

LIFEnews April 2014This month's LIFEnews focuses on the topic of urban resilience. The lead article gives a round-up of a recent platform meeting on this issue in France, whilst our second article features an interview with the manager of the host project, R-URBAN.




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N° 4 April 2014

LIFEnews March 2014April's LIFEnews looks at volunteers and their contribution to the LIFE programme. Volunteers have played a key role in a wide range of projects, which is highlighted in our lead article. The second article features an interview with the project manager and a conservation specialist about volunteers' work on the project 'Biomass use for Aquatic Warblers'.




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N° 3 March 2014

LIFEnews March 2014This month's edition of LIFEnews focuses on the LIFE+ Information & Communication strand, its achievements since 2007 and what is in store for the new programme period. We also speak to the managers of two Information & Communication projects which have had a major impact: the European Week for Waste Reduction and the UK Birds Directive project.




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N° 2 February 2014

LIFEnewsFebruary 2014The February edition of LIFEnews looks at the role of the programme in improving air quality across the EU. In our lead article we speak to Scott Brockett, a team leader in the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment, about the EC's new Clean Air Policy Package. In our second article we hear from Guido de Wilt, a policy officer in DG Environment, about a recent platform meeting held in Berlin on alternative future urban mobility.




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N° 1 December 2013/ January 2014

LIFEnews November13In this month's LIFEnews we talk to the Head of the LIFE Nature Unit, Angelo Salsi, and the Head of the LIFE Environment Unit, Hervé Martin, about the new LIFE programme for 2014-2020 and the achievements of the programme period ending in 2013.





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