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LIFEnews archive: 2013

N° 10 November 2013

LIFEnews November13This month's LIFEnews looks at the issue of soil. In our lead article we present a round-up of a recent soil platform meeting held in Greece. In our second article we speak to Thomas Strassburger, a policy officer at the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment, about the LIFE programme's contribution to soil and the need for legislation.




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N° 09 October 2013

LIFEnews October13October's LIFEnews focuses on the EU's newest member, Croatia. A review article highlights a range of LIFE projects already undertaken in Croatia, under the LIFE Third Countries component. In this month's case study article, we speak to the National Focus Point for Croatia about the country's experience with LIFE so far and the priorities for the future.




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N° 08 September 2013

LIFEnews September13This month's LIFEnews provides an in-depth look at the fast-growing communication channels, collectively known as 'social media' (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr et al). In our lead article we provide a guide to the LIFE programme's own social media activities as well as examples of good practice and tips for projects wishing to set up or boost their social media presence. In our second article, we hear from some of the projects that have been most active and successful in communicating with stakeholders and interested parties through social media.

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N° 07 July-August 2013

LIFEnews July/August 13The summer edition of LIFEnews highlights the workings of the New Biogeographical Process, which has been introduced by the European Commission as a means of promoting and enhancing cooperative management of Natura 2000 as a coherent European network of protected areas. In our lead article, François Kremer, Natura 2000 Policy Coordinator at the European Commission’s Nature Unit, explains what the New Biogeographical Process is for and how it works. In the second article, Anne Burrill, Deputy Head of Unit, LIFE Nature Unit, highlights the important role that LIFE is playing in the process.

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N° 06 June 2013

LIFEnews June 13The June edition of LIFEnews reports on LIFE at Green Week 2013. The lead article highlights the programme's contribution to the implementation of EU policies and legislation on air quality. In particular, we look at a study on LIFE and air quality commissioned by the EC and presented at Green Week, and hear from the deputy head of the LIFE Environment Unit Joaquim Capitão on integrated projects.

A second article focuses on the best LIFE Environment and Nature projects of 2012, which were celebrated at an awards ceremony during the event. The future of LIFE was addressed during the ceremony by Jutta Haug, MEP, who is leading the negotiations for the next LIFE programme period.

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N° 05 May 2013

LIFEnews May 13This month's LIFEnews reports on a platform meeting on nature conservation and agriculture, held in Angers, France, in May. A review article looks at the projects participating in the event, which was aimed at exchanging experiences of combining nature conservation with farming practices. A second article looks at some of the key problems for nature conservation associated with intensive agriculture and drainage of wetlands that were discussed at the meeting, as well as the relationships between conservation and agriculture in the future.


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N° 04 April 2013

LIFEnews March 13April's LIFEnews explores the role the programme has played in supporting and encouraging sustainable hunting in the EU. A review article highlights a range of LIFE projects contributing to sustainable hunting practices, raising awareness and facilitating working partnerships between nature and hunting interests. In this month's case study article, we speak to experts from FACE and the European Commission about LIFE's contribution to sustainable hunting.


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N° 03 March 2013

LIFEnews March 13March's LIFEnews looks at the EU's strategy and actions on climate change, and the role of the LIFE programme within this. A review article highlights EU policy level developments and how a variety of LIFE projects are contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation in different sectors. In this month's case study article, we speak to experts from DG CLIMA about the new LIFE sub-programme on Climate Action planned for 2014-2020.



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N° 02 February 2013

LIFEnews February 13This month's LIFEnews focuses on the work of the LIFE programme in Cyprus. As well as an overview of LIFE projects on the island, we take a closer look at conservation actions in the Troodos Mountains and at an innovative approach to treating wastewater from wineries.




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N° 12, December/January 2013

LIFEnews November  20122013 promises to be an important year for the LIFE programme, with the final call for proposals for LIFE+ funding taking place and the details of the proposed new LIFE regulation set to be agreed with the European Council and the European Parliament. Looking ahead to what's in store, LIFEnews this month spoke to the deputy heads of the LIFE Units, Joaquim Capitão (Environment) and Anne Burrill (Nature).



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