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LIFEnews archive: 2012

N° 11, November 2012

LIFEnews November  2012November's LIFEnews explores the role that the programme has played in tackling the threat of invasive species (IS) to EU habitats, species and biodiversity. A review article highlights the latest policy developments and showcases a range of LIFE projects dedicated to preventing, eradicating or containing IS, or safeguarding the future of seriously endangered species through gene banks. In this month's case study article, we speak to experts from the IUCN and European Commission about LIFE's important contribution to the development of IS policy.


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N° 10, October 2012

LIFEnews September 2012October's LIFEnews reflects on the programme's varied roles in promoting improvements in air quality in the EU. A review article highlights three main areas in which LIFE Environment is helping to reduce air pollution in support of EU air quality policies, and a case study article from Austria, the 'EC4MACS' project (LIFE06 PREP/A/000006), is looking to shed more light on the links between air pollution, health and climate strategies.



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N° 09, September 2012

LIFEnews September 2012September's LIFEnews reflects on the programme's varied roles in promoting ecosystem services. A review article highlights the host of different ways in which LIFE is helping to strengthen ecosystems' capacities for providing key services, and a case study article from Denmark reveals the positive impacts on water quality services that have been gained from a LIFE project focused on facilitating farm-based nature actions.



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N° 06, July/August 2012

LIFEnews July/August 2012This summer edition of LIFEnews picks up on one of the key topics from last month's Rio+20 Earth Summit: soil conservation. A review article explores the different ways in which LIFE projects contribute to the EU's soil protection priorities and a dedicated case study article describes in more detail the types of sustainable approaches to soil management that LIFE has helped to stimulate among Spanish farmers.



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N° 06, June 2012

LIFEnews June 2012June's LIFEnews reports on LIFE contributions to Green Week 2012 which took place last month. A variety of different LIFE projects were profiled during the Green Week events including those from a recent study about LIFE and EU water policy. The newsletter's lead article reviews this study and hears from the Director General at DG Environment, Karl Falkenberg, who spoke at Green Week about the future of LIFE projects. A second article focuses in on the experiences from LIFE delegates who were exhibiting their projects at Green Week.


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N° 05, May 2012

LIFEnews May 2012May's LIFEnews focuses attention on the celebrations surrounding events that mark LIFE's 20th birthday. A review of key LIFE achievements over the last 20 years is presented which notes the significant progress and accomplishments made by LIFE since 1992. A follow-up article builds on these core messages and underlines the fundamental role that beneficiaries and Member State authorities play in making LIFE the European success story that it is today.



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N° 04, April 2012

LIFEnews April 2012

This month's LIFEnews includes a review of projects' from around the EU supporting the multifunctionality of Europe's Green Infrastructure, as well as a detailed interview with the coordinator of a successful Austrian project which has demonstrated new techniques for tackling transport pollution.




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N° 03, March 2012

LIFEnews March 2012

Coastal and marine environments form the focus of our project reviews in the March edition of LIFEnews. This month we take a look at the diverse range of LIFE projects supporting European coastal zones and we also venture further offshore for an in-depth discussion with the project manager of a pioneering Spanish project which is expanding the Natura network's protective reach out into our seas.



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N° 02, February 2012

LIFEnews February 2012

February's LIFEnews focuses on the programme's support for EU species which favour life in Europe's mountain and upland environments. A review article draws attention to the diversity of different project level activity at higher altitudes and a case study from Italy demonstrates a more in-depth example of LIFE's mountain assistance for endangered species in the Apennines.



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N° 12, December 2011/January 2012

LIFEnewsDecember/January 2012

In this special end-of-year edition we spoke to the heads of the two LIFE Units: Angelo Salsi, Head of the LIFE Nature Unit, who has spent much of the last year overseeing progress on the two LIFE + Components and preparing the ground for the next period of LIFE Programme funding from 2014-2020.

We also interviewed Hervé Martin, head of the LIFE Environment and Eco-Innovation Unit, who spoke about the new regulation increasing the amount of funding for the programme and introducing a new climate change aspect.


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