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April 2015
21-22 Conference on biogas innovation in Sweden Malmö, Sweden
22-24 Final conference of wood panel resination system project Modena, Italy
27-29 International conference on marine ecological restoration Embiez Island, France
May 2015
04 French LIFE 2015 information day Paris, France
07 Workshop on air quality in city underground systems Barcelona, Spain
08 NCFF Information event with introduction workshops Brussels, Belgium
08-09 Biodiversity conservation through civil engagement workshop Bologna, Italy
12-14 Meet LIFE at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference Copenhagen, Denmark
20 LIFE+ NITRATES final results conference Madrid, Spain
21 IPENS project holds closing conference on Natura 2000 Day Roehampton, London
21 AQUAENVEC workshop on eco-efficiency in the urban water cycle Barcelona, Spain
21-22 BLACKWATER SAMOK final Conference and RaptorLIFE launch Newmarket, Co.Cork, Ireland
27 Irish LIFE information day Dublin, Ireland
28 Italian project on Product Environmental Footprint hosts workshop in Brussels Brussels, Belgium
28-31 Meet LIFE at the IUCN's Little Sydney Conference Hainburg, Austria
June 2015
09-11 2nd Iberian River Restoration Congress and TERRITORIO VISÓN final seminar Pamplona, Spain
16 Austrian LIFE information day Vienna, Austria
17-18 Conference on combating desertification Valladolid, Spain
18-19 Meet LIFE at the 2nd International Conference on Energy & Environment Guimaraes, Portugal
22-24 International fish passage conference comes to Europe Groningen, the Netherlands
22-26 LIFE GEOHEALTH conference on link between environment and health Bratislava, Slovakia
23 Innovative Natura 2000 coordination project GESTIRE in Brussels Brussels, Belgium
23 German LIFE information day Bonn, Germany
July 2015
02-04 ISWM-TINOS 2015: International conference on sustainable solid waste management Tinos Island, Greece
05-08 Workshop to highlight plight of Egyptian vulture Sofia, Bulgaria
September 2015
05-09 International dunes and estuaries conference Bruges, Belgium
23-24 Inter-LIFE Benelux: annual meeting Kasterlee, Belgium
24-25 International conference on landfill mining Athens, Greece
October 2015
16-18 Meet LIFE at the 15th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium St Margherita di Pula, Italy
22-23 Inter-LIFE France: annual meeting Alpilles, France
November 2015
03-06 13th International HCH and Pesticides Forum Zaragoza, Spain


NCFF Information event with introduction workshops 08/05/2015 Workshop agenda>>

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