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Events 2016

June 2016
01-03 Meet LIFE at the 6th European Sustainable Development Symposium  Granada, Spain
02 International conference on oil shale ash usage Tallinn, Estonia
13-17 Meet LIFE at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 Brussels, Belgium
15-16 Meet LIFE at the Simposio LIFE 2016 on soil contamination Madrid, Spain
15-17 LIFE platform meeting on restoration of sand dune habitats Zandvoort, Netherlands
15-18 ESSC conference on soil conservation Cluj Napoca, Romania
17 Come and join the first EU wide Info Day in Brussels Brussels , Belgium
21-24 LIFE networking workshop on fish and aquatic systems restoration Murcia, Spain
22 Final MinAqua workshop on environmentally-friendly car washes Girona, Spain
22 LIFE FoResMit information day on forest management Monte Morello Territorial Park, Italy
23-25 Meet LIFE at the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management Limassol, Cyprus
24 LIFE COBRA project conference on innovative green braking systems Stezzano, Italy
27-28 LIFE platform conference on waste management and the circular economy Milan, Italy
28-30 Military land conservation conference Nîmes, France
July 2016
14 Final conference for LIFE phosphorus wastewater recovery project  Madrid, Spain
18-20 Meet LIFE at the 3rd International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management Rome, Italy
20-22 Meet LIFE at the 2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering Rome, Italy
August 2016
15-19 15th International Peat Congress Kuching, Malaysia
September 2016
15-16 Seminar on restoration of Atlantic heaths and inland dunes Jutland, Denmark
27-30 Meet LIFE at the 5th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Chania, Greece
28-30 Final conference of UC4LIFE river restoration project Lund, Sweden
October 2016
05-06 Inter-LIFE Benelux annual meeting Poix St Hubert, Belgium
November 2016
07-08 Inter-LIFE France annual meeting Ariege, France

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