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Events: November 2018

Fishing for litter in the Mediterranean

7 November 2018, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Fishing for litter in the Mediterranean

MEP Marco Affronte (Greens / EFA) and the project Clean Sea LIFE have organised a workshop that will address how to promote ‘fishing for litter’ initiatives in the Mediterranean. It will gather experiences from various projects in Italy, France and Croatia, and identify obstacles to promotion – and possible solutions.

The idea behind fishing for litter is to encourage fishing vessels to collect marine litter caught during normal fishing activities.

The event comes at a fitting time, while discussions on the Port Reception Facilities Directive are ongoing in the European Parliament. This directive presents new rules on waste from ships and fishing vessels.

Due to the limited capacity, attendance at this event is by invitation only.

See the event flier.

Best agricultural practices on mitigating and adapting to climate change with the new CAP

7 November 2018,  European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

LIFE + Climagri

The European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) is organising a workshop within the framework of the LIFE + Climagri project. It will present a series of best agricultural practices to be implemented in light of the new common agricultural policy (CAP). Discussions on reform of the CAP are happening now. The workshop will therefore focus on key subjects around these reforms – and offer a chance for farmers and agricultural professionals to voice their opinions to the forum.

Titled “Best Agricultural Practices: Linking Climate Change mitigation and adaption with CAP”, the workshop marks the culmination of the LIFE + Climagri project. In the face of climate change, Climagri aims to contribute to the adaptation of field irrigation crops and mitigate the effects of climate change itself. MEPs Clara Aguilera (S&D), Annie Schreijer-Pierik (EPP) and Ivan Jakovčić (ALDE) will co-host the workshop.

The agenda includes a networking session on how LIFE can act as a catalyst for sustainability improvements in the farming sector. This will be chaired by Jean-Claude Merciol, Head of the LIFE Unit at DG Environment (European Commission).

Registration is compulsory due to limited capacity. To register or to find out more about the event, visit the event page.

Financing green and circular economy businesses: opportunities under the EU LIFE programme – ECOMONDO 2018

8 November 2018, Rimini, Italy


LIFE will host a session on financing green and circular economy businesses at the 22nd edition of the green technologies expo, ECOMONDO, which takes place in Rimini this November.

The session will be chaired by Angelo Salsi, head of the LIFE & CIP Eco-Innovation unit of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME), together with representatives of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Italy's National Contact Point for the LIFE programme. It will cover the main features of the programme (available funds, what can be financed, evaluation of proposals etc.), LIFE's focus on close-to-market solutions, and examples of business experiences funded by the programme as well as inspirational projects from Italy.

Attendees will be able to have their questions answered and book a speed dating slot for bi-lateral talks aimed at potential applicants.

More information is available on the ECOMONDO website.

Seminar on monitoring and restoring freshwater mussel habitats

27 – 29 November 2018, Clervaux, Luxembourg


Partners of LIFE project Resto-unio are organising an international seminar on monitoring and restoring freshwater habitats from at the Centre Culturel Château in Clervaux, Luxembourg.

The aim of the seminar is to present the latest monitoring and habitat restoration methods for freshwater habitats by looking at case studies that have been implemented across several countries in recent years. The seminar will bring together researchers from various fields and stimulate discussion on strategies for safeguarding and restoring freshwater species and habitats. A particular focus will be placed on fresh water molluscs – including one of the most endangered fresh water species in the world.

The Resto-unio project is working to improve the habitat quality of the thick shelled river mussel (Unio crassus) in the Our and Sûre rivers in Luxembourg in order to strengthen the last two  populations surviving in these rivers. The mussel has recently experienced a dramatic decline because of a heavy load of fine sediments and eutrophication – issues common to many central European river systems.

More information and a registration form are available at


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