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Events: February 2018

LIFE 2018 Conference

2 February 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia

LIFE croatia LOGO

The Croatian National Contact Point for the LIFE Programme will organise a local conference to promote the benefits of the LIFE funding, present good examples of policy uptake, and showcase close-to-market projects. The event will provide an opportunity for potential applicants to learn more about the LIFE programme and other EU funding instruments.

The conference targets to participants from across sectors, including non-profits, public organisations, and educational and research institution. It will address delegates applying for LIFE funds, implementing LIFE projects or interested in the results of LIFE projects.

The conference will notably address:

  • Good examples of policy uptake in LIFE projects
  • Close-to-market innovative solutions
  • Good examples of transferability and replicability in LIFE projects
  • Socio-economic impact of LIFE projects
  • Synergies between the LIFE programme and other funds

The conference programme can be downloaded here.

Participants are invited to register online until 22nd of January 2018. The conference will be held at the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Zagreb, Croatia. Working languages are English and Croatian with simultaneous translation. For further information please contact or visit the event website.


21st European Forum on Eco-innovation

05-06 February 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria

21st European Forum on Eco-innovation

The European Commission’s Directorate General for the Environment, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water will hold the 21st European Forum on Eco-innovation on 5-6 February 2018. The forum brings together companies and public authorities to examine eco-innovative solutions for improving air quality.

Air pollution has come down across Europe over the past decade, but still costs the region nearly 400 000 lives and over €20 billion each year. The European Commission is committed to reduce air pollution to levels that no longer threaten human health and the environment. This objective requires support from across both society and the economy.

At the 21st European Forum on Eco-innovation, innovators will present technologies, business models and governance plans to raise air quality to new standards. The two-day programme includes conference presentations on the impact of energy, transport and agriculture on air-quality. It will include presentations from 9 LIFE projects active in the field, namely LIFE 'N GRAB HY!, LIFE - CLEAN HEAT, Malopolska Region, LIFE BrennerLEC, PREPAIR, LIFE GySTRA, LIFE ASPIRE, LIFE_SC, IMPROVE LIFE. Representatives from the European Commission will also present the LIFE programme and its funding opportunities. More information can be found in the conference programme.

The event languages are English and Bulgarian. Registration is open online. For further information please visit the forum website, or contact the EcoAP Secretariat on +32 2 340 30 64.

RAINBO project stakeholder meeting

13 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

Rainbo Logo

The LIFE RAINBO project is holding a stakeholder meeting in Bologna, Italy, inviting project partners and representatives from other LIFE-funded projects to work closer together on urban climate adaptation work.

The RAINBO project aims to improve predictions of severe rainfall and floods within urban areas. Better monitoring and modelling will allow its partners to improve the hydrological resilience of Bologna. These efforts build on work from the LIFE project BLUEAP that finalised a Climate Adaptation Plan for the city in 2015. BLUEAP drew up measures to help protect urban areas vulnerable to increasingly frequent rainfall and flash floods.

The stakeholder meeting will introduce the activities of the RAINBO project and invite speakers to present the work of like-minded projects. Participants include Lepida Spa, the project coordinator, as well as partners from Arpae Emilia-Romagna – Servizio Idro-Meteo-Clima, Nier Ingegneria SpA, Meeo Srl and the Municipality of Bologna. Representatives from other LIFE-funded projects have also been invited, including from UrbanProof, PRIMES, DERRIS and FRANCA.

The event will be held in Italian. For further information on participation, please consult the meeting invitation.

EU Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

21 February 2018 in Brussels, Belgium

Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

The European Commission and the EU Covenant of Mayors will hold a forum on financing climate adaptation, clean urban transport and energy efficiency, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

The forum will bring together stakeholders and practitioners from cities, regions and industry as well as financial institutions. It will present 25 successful projects and initiatives covering five thematic areas: financing climate adaptation, financing clean urban transport, financing energy efficiency in public assets, and delivering home renovation schemes in cities and regions; and innovative financing solutions.

Accelerating investment into climate adaptation and sustainable energy are key to ensuring a clean energy transition and to help the EU meet its climate and energy targets for 2020 and 2030. The event will present 25 successful projects to show how such practices bring benefits for all European citizens and companies in terms of jobs and sustainable growth, lower energy bills, health and security of energy supply as well as greater resilience of cities to a changing climate.

The Forum is followed by the Covenant of Mayors ceremony in the European Parliament on 22 February 2018. Further details and the full programme are available online.

LIFE REDUNE introductory meeting

23 February 2018, Venice, Italy

LIFE Redune Logo

The LIFE REDUNE project invites the public to launch its activities with a meeting at the Danilo Mainardi Auditorium of Ca' Foscari University of Venice in Italy. Participants will discuss the status of ecosystems in Italy and the Veneto region, outlining the conservation challenges addressed by the project.

The LIFE REDUNE project will re-establish and maintain the ecological integrity of dune habitats in northern Italy. It will also restore and manage native vegetation in Natura 2000 network sites across the North Adriatic coastline.

Due to historic exploitation and mismanagement, dune ecosystems are suffering habitat loss, invasions by alien species, threats to native wildlife, and lower ecosystem resilience to human and climate pressure. LIFE REDUNE sets out to restore 915 000 square meters of dune habitat by replanting native species, installing boardwalks and fences, and spreading good practices.

Academics from Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Roma Tre University will notably take part in the event, as will regional officials and nature conservationists. Speakers will introduce their past work and introduce some of the activities that will be carried as part of the 4-year LIFE-funded project. The meeting will be held in Italian. It is free to attend but participants are invited to register online in advance.

URBAN FUTURE Global Conference 2018

28 February - 02 March 2018 in Vienna, Austria

URBAN FUTURE global conference logo

The City of Vienna will host the 2018 edition of the URBAN FUTURE global conference at Messe Wien, the largest conference centre in Austria. This is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. It explores measures to make urban areas greener and more liveable and is expected to bring together 3 000 people from 50 countries.

Over its three-day programme, 200 speakers from across the world will share their insight into issues of mobility, city planning, communications and leadership. ​The topics covered range from autonomous driving, to sustainable districts and skills needed to change the world for the better. Speakers will include mayors, architects, mobility experts, city planners, scientists, sustainability managers, representatives from start-ups and environmentalists.

This year, the LIFE programme will man a stand at the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference 2018 to answer questions on funding opportunities and share lessons learnt from its projects on green infrastructure and sustainable cities.

Participants are invited to register online or visit the event website for further information.

19th Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo

28 February - 1 March, Kielce, Poland

Ekotech logo

The LIFE communications team will take part in the 19th Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo (EKOTECH) at the congress centre in Kielce, Poland. With over 4 700 participants and more than 140 exhibitors active in the field of waste management, soil protection and water quality, EKOTECH is the largest environmental fair in the country.

Representatives from the LIFE programme will man stand E-111 in EKOTECH's exhibition area to provide delegates with information on EU funding opportunities and good practices that have emerged from its projects. LIFE's National Contact Point from Poland will also introduce the fundamentals of the funding programme in an oral presentation on 1 March.

EKOTECH showcases state-of-the-art products and services in waste recovery, disposal, segregation and transport systems. It offers an opportunity for professionals to discover advances in research, analysis and design of waste management. In previous years, the event has also attracted representatives from companies involved in the production and distribution of hardware for industrial and municipal waste-water treatment. Solutions for better water quality and protection of hydric resources will also be presented.

Attend the LIFE presentation and come meet us in the exhibition area!

The main language of the event is Polish. Visitors can register here. Further information is available on the event website.


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