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Events: January 2017

LIFE PRIME GLASS conference on gas recirculation technology in glass furnaces

24 January 2017, Savona, Italy

Photo:LIFE12 ENV/IT/001020

LIFE PRIME GLASS (LIFE12 ENV/IT/001020) is organising a scientific conference on the 24 January 2017 in Italy that will take place in the Savona Campus of the University of Genova.

The conference on gas recirculation technology in glass furnaces will present and discuss the strategic gas recirculation technology developed within the framework of the LIFE PRIME GLASS project.

Several modelling issues have been tackled to develop a fluid-dynamic model for both recirculation systems and combustion analysis. The resulting models have been finalised and tested in pilot plants. Invited speakers from academia and industry will provide an additional overview of the state-of-the-art in this challenging area.

Container glass represents 60% of the EU glass industry’s total glass production. Glass melting by the industry can give rise harmful environmental impacts. Fossil fuel combustion, in particular, produces pollutants and leads to the high-temperature oxidation of nitrogen in the combustion atmosphere (i.e. sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides). The aim of LIFE PRIME GLASS - Innovative PRImary MEasures for reduction of NOx emissions and Energy consumption by glass furnaces - is to test and demonstrate technologies that will significantly improve the environmental impact of the glass industry, focusing mainly on two environmental problems: NOX emissions, and high energy consumption. 

For more information about the event and LIFE project visit the PRIME GLASS website.   

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LIFE MED international workshop on circular economy and e-waste

25-27 January 2017, Brescia, Italy


The LIFE MED (LIFE13 ENV/IT/000620) project is organising a three-day international workshop in January 2017 on the latest developments in the circular economy with a special focus on Europe’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management experience and on electronic medical equipment and medical WEEE in particular.

The workshop programme delves into the LIFE programme, European legislation and the circular economy in practice, with input from active projects from around Europe. In addition, there will be best practice working sessions, a visit to the Life MED plant and presentation of its achievements and a networking meeting for European projects.

The LIFE MED project, which launched in 2014, aims to improve waste management for discarded medical equipment, with environmental, economic and social benefits. The disposal of such equipment follows different processes that can vary according to place and type of device and involves ethical, environmental and economic issues. Amongst the project’s specific objectives are: the implementation of a new integrated management system for discarded medical equipment, in particular biomedical devices; the prevention of waste production in the medical sector; and the correct management of medical waste, by means of the specific characterisation of medical WEEE.

For more information for the event contact:

The LIFE MED international workshop takes place on 25-27 January 2017 at Via Buffalora 3, Brescia (Italy).


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