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Events archive: 2015

January 2015
30 LIFE + IMAGINE workshop on coastal management in Italy Genova, Italy
February 2015
06 CLEAN-ROADS workshop on the environmental impact of salt spreading Trento, Italy
18 Workshop on advances in wastewater monitoring Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain
19 LIFE networking event on raptor feeding platforms Canale Monterano, Italy
25-27 Information events for Urbanbees project in France Lyon, France
25-27 Meet LIFE at the World Sustainable Energy Days 2015 Wels, Austria
March 2015
03-05 Upland biodiversity – final conference for MoorLIFE Halifax, UK
04-05 The Future of Landscape-Scale Conservation in Europe Bristol, UK
13 Conference on understanding the environment Edinburgh, Scotland
15-20 Free 5-day training on communicating Natura 2000 Poiana Brasov, Romania
24-25 International conference on mature forests in Valencia Valencia, Spain
26 LIFE+ FLIRE hosts third stakeholder meeting Athens, Greece
26 Invasive alien species conference Milan, Italy
26 Baltic Sea Forum: water protection in municipalities Tallinn, Estonia
26-27 Conference on landscape value of rural areas  Catania, Sicily
26-27 LIFE platform meeting on marine habitat management  Madrid, Spain
26-27 Conference to discuss conservation of dry grasslands in Natura 2000 sites Rome, Italy
27 Italian fertiliser project to hold final conference Turin, Italy
31-01 LIFE NITRATES to present results in two workshops Cadreita and Villalba, Spain
April 2015
21-22 Conference on biogas innovation in Sweden Malmö, Sweden
22-24 Final conference of wood panel resination system project Modena, Italy
27-29 International conference on marine ecological restoration Embiez Island, France
May 2015
04 French LIFE 2015 information day Paris, France
07 Workshop on air quality in city underground systems Barcelona, Spain
08 NCFF Information event with introduction workshops Brussels, Belgium
08-09 Biodiversity conservation through civil engagement workshop Bologna, Italy
12-14 Meet LIFE at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference Copenhagen, Denmark
20 LIFE+ NITRATES final results conference Madrid, Spain
21 IPENS project holds closing conference on Natura 2000 Day Roehampton, London
21 AQUAENVEC workshop on eco-efficiency in the urban water cycle Barcelona, Spain
21-22 BLACKWATER SAMOK final Conference and RaptorLIFE launch Newmarket, Co.Cork, Ireland
27 Irish LIFE information day Dublin, Ireland
28 Italian project on Product Environmental Footprint hosts workshop in Brussels Brussels, Belgium
28-31 Meet LIFE at the IUCN's Little Sydney Conference Hainburg, Austria
June 2015
03-05 LIFE events during Green Week 2015 Brussels, Belgium
09-11 2nd Iberian River Restoration Congress and TERRITORIO VISÓN final seminar Pamplona, Spain
16 Austrian LIFE information day Vienna, Austria
17-18 Conference on combating desertification Valladolid, Spain
18-19 Meet LIFE at the 2nd International Conference on Energy & Environment Guimaraes, Portugal
19 Desert dust detection project to hold final conference Rome, Italy
19 Slovak Republic LIFE Information Day Bratislava, Slovak Republic
19 Benefiting from Italy's Natura 2000 network Allumiere, Italy
22-24 International fish passage conference comes to Europe Groningen, the Netherlands
22-26 LIFE GEOHEALTH conference on link between environment and health Bratislava, Slovakia
23 Innovative Natura 2000 coordination project GESTIRE in Brussels Brussels, Belgium
23 German LIFE information day Bonn, Germany
29 Information session for the LIFE Call 2015 on NGO Framework Partnership Agreements Brussels, Belgium
30 – 01/07 Final seminar for France 'LIFE+ CAP DOM' Paris, France
July 2015
02-03 MAGPlan's final conference on water contamination Stuttgart, Germany
02-04 ISWM-TINOS 2015: International conference on sustainable solid waste management Tinos Island, Greece
05-08 Workshop to highlight plight of Egyptian vulture Sofia, Bulgaria
06 Conference on clean air for European cities Berlin, Germany
September 2015
03-04 LIFE sigAGROasesor workshop on tools for sustainable crop management La Tallada d'Empordà, Spain
05-06 International Symposium on strategies in amphibian and reptile conservation Hanover, Germany
10 Spanish biocide project organises final conference Brussels, Belgium
10-11 Conference on European river system marks end of LIFE project Rheinauen bei Rastatt Rastatt, Germany
14-18 Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015 Stralsund, Germany
15 Natural Capital Financing Facility webinar Online event
16-17 LIFE CEMOBIL conference on smart urban mobility Klagenfurt, Austria
16-18 International dunes and estuaries conference Bruges, Belgium
18 Conference on recycling tyres in road paving Turin (Italy)
23-24 Inter-LIFE Benelux: annual meeting Kasterlee, Belgium
24-25 International conference on landfill mining Athens, Greece
24-25 PRO-Izki final seminar on management of Pyrenean oak forest Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
25 FRELP conference on recycling materials from photovoltaic panels Curino, Italy
27 Municipal waste recycling project hold open day Mertesdorf, Germany
28-01/10 Military training areas and Natura 2000 workshop Isle of Vilm, Germany
29-30 LIFE DBPRBRI final conference to discuss Irish raised bog restoration Athlone, Ireland
29 LIFE MONIMET workshop highlights warming of boreal forests Helsinki, Finland
29 FLIRE demonstrates flood and forest fire management platform Rafina-Pikermi (Greece)
30 MASTALMOND's final conference on emergent materials Ibi, Spain
30 LIFE RES MARIS hosts marine environment meeting Sardinia, Italy
October 2015
05-09 Meet LIFE at the 15th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium St Margherita di Pula, Italy
06-08 CEEweb Academy conference on wetlands and ecosystem services Budapest, Hungary
07 LIFE sigAGROasesor workshop on agrometeorology Madrid, Spain
07-09 International congress on dune habitat rejuvenation Zandvoort/Rockanje,
the Netherlands
07-10 International conference on aquatic biodiversity Sibiu, Romania
11-16 Conference on wetlands in agricultural landscapes České Budějovice, Czech Republic
14-15 International event on the conservation of shad fish Bergerac, France
20 Italian NCP to host water management workshop Venice, Italy
22-23 Inter-LIFE France: annual meeting Alpilles, France
22-23 LIFE TREMEDAL final seminar to illustrate importance of wetlands Navarre, Spain
22-23 River connectivity conference in Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia
29 EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform annual conference Brussels, Belgium
29-30 SwitchMed event to address sustainability in the Mediterranean Barcelona, Spain
November 2014
05 LIFE BioDiVine final conference to promote biodiversity in vineyards Villenave d'Ornon, France
05-06 Information dayLIFE information days 2014 - UK London, United Kingdom
05-07 LIFE SEAMATTER final conference Bilbao, Spain
05-07 Bird of prey conservation in the spotlight at LIFE Save the Flyers final conference Santa Fiora, Italy
05-08 1st European Land Stewardship Congress Barcelona, Spain
12-19 DG Environment and LIFE programme at IUCN World Parks Congress Sydney, Australia
17-20 LIFE participates in the 5th International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste Venice, Italy
18 LIFE BIOLCA project workshop on sustainable transport Bilbao, Spain
19 LIFE workshop on environmentally-friendly industrial technologies and methods Alicante, Spain
21 LIFE conference on turning waste into an opportunity Reggio Emilia, Italy
25-26 Workshop on financing ecosystem services Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 2015
01-03 International wine symposium featuring four LIFE projects Valencia, Spain
02 LIFE SIRENA workshop to highlight nanomaterials risk assessment Madrid, Spain
02 The LIFE programme as an investment catalyst Brussels, Belgium
10 Workshop on mosquito management and public health Athens, Greece
10 UK/IE LIFE national Platform meeting Woking, United Kingdom
17 LIFE PERSUADED workshop on monitoring endocrine disruptors Rome, Italy



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