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Events: September 2014

LIFE operating grants for NPOs /NGOs Information day

10 September, 2014, Brussels, Belgium


Information day: The info-day on LIFE operating grants for non-profit-making organisations (previously NGOs) is planned on Wednesday 10 September 2014, from 2 to 6 PM, in Brussels>. Venue address: Covent Garden 2 building, place Rogier 16, room 190, 10th floor.
The agenda will be published ASAP.

Registrations are now open (deadline: 31st August). Register here

Provisional calendar
call for proposals for NGOs and non profit making entities in 2015
Launching of call 03 September 2014
Deadline for sending proposals 15 October 2014
Notification of results February 2015
Revision and verification period February/March 2015
Closure of the selection round and dispatch of grant agreements to successful applicants April 2015

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Riverine Platform Meeting in Estonia

10-12 September, 2014, Tartu, Estonia


The NGO Eesti Loodushoiu Keskus/Wildlife Estonia is hosting a LIFE Riverine Platform Meeting in Tartu on 10-12 September.

The Estonian conservation NGO was the beneficiary of HAPPYFISH (LIFE07 NAT/EE/000120) – a LIFE Nature Best of the Best project 2013 - and is currently co-ordinating the follow-up project LIFE HAPPYRIVER (LIFE12 NAT/EE/000871), which aims to restore the River Laeva to a more natural course and improve its condition, benefitting a number of priority species and habitats within the Natura 2000 network site, Alam-Pedja.

The first day of the three-day event includes presentations on projects that are strengthening fish populations and carrying out reintroduction programmes, as well as presentations on key aspects on fish conservation, namely mitigating migration barriers and creating fish passages.

The second day features a field trip to see first hand the results of HAPPYFISH project, which restored oxbow lakes in the Emajõgi River and in the Alam-Pedja Natura 2000 site to improve conditions for several EU priority fish species.

The final session on the third day will address the question of who benefits from the conservation of riverine species and habitats. It will be followed in the afternoon by an optional visit of the Centre for Limnology at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

To register, visit
For a full programme of the meeting, visit:
For travel advice, visit:
For further information, contact

Wetlands2014: Wetlands Biodiversity and Services: Tools for Socio-ecological Development

14-18 September 2014, Huesca, Spain

Photo: LIFE09 ENV/ES/000431

The LIFE Environment project CREAMAgua (LIFE09 ENV/ES/000431) is one of the partners of Wetlands2014, the ninth European Wetlands Congress, which takes place in Aragon, north-east Spain in September.

Subtitled Wetlands Biodiversity and Services: Tools for Socio-ecological Development, the international conference will cover key topics related to all types of wetlands, their ecology, management and applications. Particular emphasis will be given to topics dealing with wetland restoration and creation and the integration of wetlands with socio-ecological issues.

These include: the benefits and services that wetlands contribute as part of the landscape, wetland restoration at landscape and watershed scale, the role of wetlands in ecotourism and rural development, valuing the natural resources of wetlands and using them to alleviate poverty, strategies and practical solutions for environmental conflicts related to wetlands, and the contribution of wetlands to global change mitigation.

The conference will be structured into symposia, panel sessions, regular sessions, workshops and field trips to natural, restored and artificial wetlands in the region. Further information about the conference, including deadlines for registration and for submitting proposals and presentations, is available from the conference website:, by emailing:, or by downloading this announcement.

The conference is promoted and supported by Society of Wetland Scientists European Chapter, European Pond Conservation Network, Comarca de Los Monegros, EU LIFE Programme, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

The goal of the LIFE CreamAgua project is to construct ‘natural’ ecosystem structures of wetlands and riverbank forests to reduce the presence of inorganic nutrients - nitrates and phosphates - and salts from agricultural runoff throughout Monegros comarca (county). At Wetlands2014, the project will present the results of these actions and its partnership work with local farmers to manage the wetlands constructed. To find out more about CreamAgua’s work, visit:

Final conference for Vindel River LIFE

22-24 September 2014, Lycksele, Lapland, Sweden

Vindel LIFE

Vindel River LIFE, a collaborative project between Umeå University, Vindel River Fishery Advisory Board and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, is hosting its final conference in Lapland on 22-24 September. The event, “Reviving the waters: a conference on stream restoration” provides an opportunity for the LIFE project team to present its experiences and share best practices on the restoration of streams in northern Scandinavia.

As well as showcasing project results, the conference provides an opportunity to bring together river engineering and restoration experts and practitioners from Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. There is also an afternoon event open to the general public. Most of the programme is in English, except for the public event, which will be held in Swedish. The conference includes poster and ‘speed talk’ sessions, as well as a field trip to restored sites.

For more information, please visit the conference webpage

Registration includes conference meals (lunch, dinner and coffee breaks) and is free for the first 100 people. Click here to register.

The Vindel River LIFE project has restored 44 km of tributaries of the Vindel river, increasing heterogeneity through the addition of coarse sediment and dead wood; and increasing connectivity, by removing dams and reopening side channels. The project is helping to reverse the negative impact on riparian and aquatic communities of more than a century of channelisation to enable timber floating. To learn more about Vindel River LIFE, visit the project website.  

Second European Land Stewardship Week

26 September – 5 October 2014


This autumn (26 September to 5 October, 2014) sees the hosting of the second ‘European Land Stewardship Week’, an initiative of the Spanish-led Information & Communication project LANDLIFE (LIFE10 INF/ES/000540) aimed at promoting events to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the wealth of Europe’s natural and cultural resources.

Land stewardship is an emerging concept to involve society in nature conservation in Europe. During the first European Land Stewardship Week (held in autumn 2012) more than 15 000 people took part in activities, across the EU, contributing to land conservation and helping to take a step forward for land stewardship in Europe. A total of 231organisations, public agencies, volunteer groups, municipalities, businesses, schools and other institutions organised more than 420 events.

Representatives of organisations wishing to take part, or to promote, this second LandLifeWeek can contact the organisers via email ( or visit the project website at: Kindly either register an event using a simple registration form, or find an event near you. Latest developments can be followed during the week, via the website or via hashtag #landlifeweek.

The project team is also preparing a photo campaign, “Connect with Nature, to encourage the sharing of any pictures about the Week through Twitter or Instagram via hashtag #connectnature.


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