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Events: September 2013

5th European River Restoration Conference

11-13 September 2013, Vienna, Austria

LIFE nitratos LOGO

The 5th European River Restoration Conference will take place in September 2013 as part of the LIFE+ Information & Communication project RESTORE (LIFE09 INF/UK/000032). The event will highlight the latest ideas and practices in river restoration, whilst reflecting on the most relevant policy issues. Its key theme will be mainstreaming river restoration in water policies and practices.

The event will, for example, look at the connections between river restoration and the good ecological status of rivers, adaptation to climate change, safeguarding Europe's water resources, reducing vulnerability to floods and droughts, and promoting green infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.
The conference will also see the awarding of the inaugural European Riverprize by the International River Foundation as well as field trips, networking opportunities and creative performances.

The organisers welcome submissions of case studies, posters and session topic proposals for inclusion in the final conference programme until 15th April 2013. Registration at a cost of €300 will open in January 2013. Early-bird registration at €250 is available until 15th May 2013. For more details visit the conference website: or contact

The event is a collaboration of the European Centre for River Restoration (itself established by the 1999 Danish LIFE project ECRR) and the current LIFE+ project (RESTORE). RESTORE aims to improve exchanges and promote learning between policy makers, river-basin planners, practitioners and experts on river basin restoration.

International Conference – 'Good Water Governance Models and Stop CO2'

12 September, Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Photo:  B. Stemmer

The three-year LIFE project ‘POWER’ (LIFE08 ENV/E/000114) is coming to a close this year. Its final conference, titled ‘Good Water Governance Models and Stop CO2’, will take place on 12 September 2013 at the Bodega Institucional de la Grajera in Logroño, Spain. The event is open to all and will present the results of the project’s pilot actions aimed at saving water, energy and CO2 emissions through efficient water management techniques. There will also be a number of presentations on this theme.

POWER’ was launched in January 2010. It has built on the outcomes of an earlier LIFE project, ‘OPTIMIZAGUA’ (LIFE03 ENV/E/000164), with the aim of implement additional monitoring devices to improve the hydric/water savings demonstrated by ‘OPTIMIZAGUA’. The ‘POWER’ project has determined that important savings can be made in water, energy and carbon dioxide emissions, thus reducing the energy bill when moving water.

One of the outcomes of the project is a voluntary agreement open to authorities and other private or public entities in Europe interested in supporting the “Good Water Governance Models” developed under the project. By signing the agreement stakeholders show that they are committed to the objectives of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions derived from water management activities.

If you wish to register for the conference please send an email to A complete project summary with details of the results and the project methodology is also available from this address.

International Summer School on the Environment

12-13 September, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Photo:  B. Stemmer

The 13th International Summer School of the Environment is being organised by the University of Girona and the Alba-Ter Consortium in the context of the LIFE project Riparia-Ter (LIFE08 NAT/E/000072), 11-12 September 2013. The two-day event is titled ‘The Challenge of Managing Protected Natural Spaces in the Modern Context’ and has a particular focus on river basins.
It will reflect on current threats to species and habitats in protected river basins and the potential impact of cuts to public funding for nature protection. It will examine policies and funding of protected areas under Natura 2000 as well as the specific management and financing of protected areas in Catalonia - including various case studies.

As well as the hosting project, Riparia-Ter, two other LIFE projects will also be presented and discussed during the event:

  • MORAVKA (LIFE06 NAT/CZ//000121) Preservation of alluvial forest habitats in the Morávka river basin
  • Lippe-Aue:
    • (LIFE05 NAT//D/000057) Optimisation of the European Proposed Site Of Interest Lippe Flood Plain Between Hamm and Hangfort
    • And the follow-on project (LIFE08 NAT/D/000010) Improvement of the connection between the river and the floodplain within the pSCI "Lippe floodplain between Hangfort and Hamm"

The Summer School will end with a field visit to see the interventions of the Riparia-Ter project in the Ter river basin.
The event will be held in the Sala de Graus, Facultat de Lletres (Barri Vell), University of Girona. Working languages will be Catalan, Spanish and English. For more information and registration visit the event website: or email:
For more information on the Riparia-Ter project, which aims to restore riparian habitats in the River Ter area, visit the project website: or read the project summary.


International crayfish conference in Germany

12-15 September, Gemünd, National Park Eifel, Germany

Photo:  B. Stemmer

An international conference on crayfish is being organised as part of the LIFE project ‘Forest - water – wilderness’ (LIFE09 NAT/DE/000006) together with the Forum Flusskrebse (Forum Crayfish).

The conference will focus on the preservation and settlement of the stone crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium).The objective of LIFE project is to locate the stone crayfish in selected streams in the Natura 2000 sites located in the Eifel National Park. The project is carrying out forest and water restoration measures that are leading to the development of near-natural habitats.

The four-day conference will also address the issue of managing the impact of non-native crayfish species. During this time, excursions will be arranged to show delegates the habitats of the different crayfish species in the region. Lectures and poster exhibitions will also be organised.
During the conference participants will also have the opportunity to present their own projects and studies on crayfish: the crawfish project in North Rhine Westphalia will show different species in an aquarium exhibition.

Also planned is a visit to Vogelsang IP, a former Nazi Order Castle, which is now a centre of memory, information, exhibition and education. For more information, visit the project website or to fill in an application form (in German) or in English here.


Internoise 2013 conference

15-18 September 2013, Innsbruck, Austria

Photo:LIFE08 NAT/F/000475

The LIFE+ Environment project, NOISUN (LIFE11 ENV/SE/000837) will be presented at Internoise2013, the 42nd International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, which will be held in Innsbruck in September.

The aim of the NOISUN project, which began in June 2012 and runs until February 2016, is to demonstrate innovative noise barriers that produce solar energy for distribution to local district heating systems. This will be achieved by installing and evaluating specially adapted solar collectors at major road and rail thoroughfares in the municipality of Lerum, near Gothenburg.

Expected benefits of the project include a 60-90% reduction in the number of citizens and properties experiencing sound levels above 55 decibels; production of 400 000 kWh/yr of renewable energy; and a reduction in the annual costs associated with noise of SEK 630 000-945 000.

For more information, visit the project website.

To find out more about Internoise2013 and to register for the congress, please visit

Final OPERA Project conference on assessing emission reduction

16 September 2013, Bologna, Italy

Photo:LIFE08 NAT/F/000475

The LIFE funded OPERA project (LIFE09 ENV/IT/000092) ends in September this year. To mark its conclusion and to celebrate its results project partners have organised a final project event on September 16 in Bologna, Italy. The conference will focus on the theme of the initiative emission reduction in Italy and Europe. Speeches and presentations will be given during the event from experts in this field and project partners. In addition the results of the project will be presented. Downloadable versions of the tools created within the framework of OPERA will be placed online, making them available to everyone free of charge.

OPERA stands for Operational Procedure for Emission Reduction Assessment. The three-year project was coordinated by the Agenzia Prevenzione Ambiente Emilia-Romagna. Despite the introduction of the Directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe there are still a number of areas in Europe that have pollutant levels that threaten human health and ecosystems. The project’s aim was to develop a methodology and guidelines to support local authority planning for regional policies supporting national and European actions for compliance with air quality standards.

There are limited seats available for the final event so if you wish to attend please register as soon as possible. For more information or to register please visit the OPERA website:

International conference on fish pathways

16-21 September, Moscow, Russia

Conference LOGO

A week-long international conference – ‘Biological and hydraulic basis of fish free passage in regulated rivers: achievements and failures’ – will be held in Moscow, 16-21 September. The event, which is being organised by the A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Ipee Ras) and Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krasnodar Region, the Moscow University project ‘Kubanbioresursy’ and the Russian Academy of Sciences, features a full programme of presentations and discussions on the passage of fish and their conservation.

The regulation of large rivers in Europe, along with the threat of shipping, pollution and drastic changes of the water level, has adversely affected populations of commercial fish, particularly sturgeons and salmonids. The conference is an opportunity for Russian experts to exchange knowledge and experiences with their counterparts from research and consulting institutions in Austria, The Netherlands and Germany.

The event will also include an excursion to Krasnodar to visit the fish pathways that were successful installed on the Kuban River at the hydro plant and the Fedorovskii waterworks facility. The international conference is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Anadromous fish migrate upstream, often hundreds of kilometres, to their spawning grounds. It is therefore vital for their survival to ensure their safe passage and conservation experts have developed means of allowing individuals free pathways. The effectiveness of these actions depends on the coordinated efforts of biologists, who study the behaviour of spawning fish, and hydraulics specialists, who provide the optimal parametres of water flow for the fish migrations.

The LIFE programme has co-funded a number of sturgeon conservation projects across Europe, starting with two German projects from the first LIFE call for tender in 1992 (LIFE92 ENV/D/10002 and LIFE92 ENV/D/10003) all the way up to the Italian (CON.FLU.PO. – LIFE11 NAT/IT/000188) and Austrian projects (SAVING DANUBE STURGEONS – LIFE11 INF/AT/000902) that are currently in progress.

ther projects have tackled sturgeon conservation issues in France (LIFE94 NAT/F/000862 and LIFE98 NAT/F/005212), Italy (LIFE04 NAT/IT/000126) and the Netherlands (LIFE04 NAT/NL/000202). For further information and additional examples visit the LIFE project database

Hermann's tortoise conservation international workshop

17-20 September 2013, Le Luc-en-Provence, France

Photo:LIFE08 NAT/F/000475

The French LIFE project ‘Tortue d'Hermann’ (LIFE08 NAT/F/000475) will be holding an international workshop on management and restoration of habitats for Hermann's tortoisesatCommunauté de Communes Coeur du Var in Le Luc en Provence, on 17-20 September, 2013.

The project has carried a range of conservation measures for the endangered Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni). France’s only tortoises are an emblematic species of the French departments of Var and Corsica.

The workshop is open to naturalists, biologists and researchers, as well as field participants, land managers and coordinators of centres devoted to the protection this tortoise. The aim is to bring together such experts and stakeholders order to benefit from their respective experience in the area of conservation of this species. It will offer an opportunity to report on the latest scientific knowledge, compare management strategies, propose ways of protecting habitat in the coming years and create an active network of experts and partners. A pdf containing further information about the workshop, can be downloaded here.  For more information on the workshop and its outcomes please visit the event web page or contact

For further information about the project, visit:
An English version of a leaflet explaining the need for and aims of the conservation work is now available on the project website.

SOL-BRINE – 'Water is necessary' final conference

19-21 September 2013, Tinos Island, Cyclades (Greece)


The Greek LIFE+ Environment wastewater treatment project SOL-BRINE (LIFE09 ENV/GR/000299) is holding its final conference from 19 to 21 September, on the island of Tinos, located in the Cyclades archipelago.

The international conference, 'Water Is Necessary for Life - WIN4Life' is open to all interested parties, providing participants with the opportunity to exchange views and ideas about water management, advanced wastewater treatment processes and sustainable brine management practices.

The event will include oral and poster presentation sessions. Authors wishing to submit a paper should send an abstract to the Scientific Secretariat, Dr. K. Moustakas ( by 15 May 2013. There is no registration fee, but advanced registration is strongly recommended. More information on the conference is available at:

The best papers will be published in a special volume of the Journal, "Desalination & Water Treatment". The SOL-BRINE project aims to develop a solar–driven brine treatment system in order to eliminate the current practice of brine disposal. For more information, visit the project website (GR/EN).

Wetlands monitoring conference

24 September, Lyon, France


A conference on ‘Favourable agriculture for wetlands: new tools for tracking their evolution’ will be held at Espascaf (Caisse d’allocations familiales), 69 boulevard Vivier-Merle, Lyon, on 24 September, 2013. The event is being organised by the Conservatoires d’espaces naturels, Rhône-Alpes with the support of the EU amongst other partners. It’s part of the RhôMéO programme 2009-2013. See the programme (in French)

The RhôMéO programme was launched to develop operational protocols for monitoring the conditions of wetlands on the biological level. It also proposed methods of creating a network of monitoring areas in the Rhône-Mediterranean basin. Moreover, the programme produced tools for land managers.

Registration before 15 September by post to Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Rhône-Alpes
La Maison Forte 2, rue des Vallières 69390 Vourles or by email:

For information about LIFE projects that have addressed issues relating to wetlands, please search the LIFE project database, sub-theme ‘wetlands’ under the theme of ‘habitats’.


Soil focus of LIFE+ platform meeting

24-25 September, Athens, Greece


Soil is the focus of a LIFE+ platform meeting (thematic seminar), organised by the Astrale LIFE monitoring team, in cooperation with a LIFE Environment project, Sage10 (LIFE09 ENV/GR/000302). The event will take place on 24-25 September 2013 at the Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Kifissia in Athens, Greece.

The meeting – organised to encourage exchange of knowledge and experiences between projects addressing environmental problems associated with soil – will be opened by Thomas Strassburger, Policy Officer of the Agriculture, Forest and Soil Unit of DG Environment. It will include presentations by Dr. Stamatis Stamatiades of Goulandris Natural History Museum on "Soil quality"; Dr Costas  Kosmas of the Agricultural University of Athens on "Threats, gaps, and technical assessment"; and Dr. Theodoros Karyotis of the Institute for Soil Mapping and Classification on "Strategies and policies for soil protection".

As well as presentations by participants of LIFE projects, discussions and conclusions, there will also be a full-day excursion on Wednesday, 25 September to see the test field used by the LIFE EcoPest project (LIFE07 ENV/GR/000266).

For more information, view the draft conference programme.
Contact: the Sage10 project manager, Emilia Markellou, or Astrale monitor: Georgia Valaoras.

LIFE+ Nature platform meeting for Scandinavian projects

24-26 September 2013, Östersund, Jämtland County, Sweden


A LIFE+Nature platform meeting (thematic seminar), organised by the Astrale LIFE monitoring team, in cooperation with two ongoing Swedish LIFE Nature projects, will take place on later this month in Sweden’s Jämtland County.

The meeting - an annual event to encourage exchange of knowledge and experiences between projects located in Sweden, Denmark and Finland - starts in the afternoon of Tuesday, 24 September and ends with workshops on the morning of Thursday, 26 September. As well as presentations, discussions and conclusions, there will be field visits to the sites of the two host projects: Foder och Fägring (LIFE08 NAT/S/000262) and Life to ad(d)mire (LIFE08 NAT/S/000268). 

For more information, see the conference programme

Foder och Fägring seeks to restore the meadows, pastures and wetland meadows in 62 Natura 2000 sites in Jämtland, Gävleborg, Värmland and Dalarna County in central Sweden.

LIFE to ad(d)mire aims to halt the decrease of targeted habitats and species at 35 Natura 2000 sites through hydrological restoration and vegetation measures. The project is directly targeting 3 852 ha. One expected result is that the current loss of carbon dioxide from drained peat will stop and it is hoped that most of the hydrologically-restored active bogs will revert to being carbon sinks.

Eurosite Annual Meeting – the importance of networking for nature

24-27 September 2013, Międzyzdroje, Poland


The Annual Meeting of Eurosite, which will focus on the theme of ‘The importance of networking for nature - then, now & tomorrow’ will be held in Międzyzdroje, Poland, 24-27 September. It will be hosted by the Eurosite member ‘Society for the Coast’ with the support of Woliński National Park.
Eurosite is one of the largest pan-European organisations, bringing together governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private bodies, in active collaboration for the practical management of Europe’s nature. It was established in 1989, based on recognition of the need and value of networking to achieve better nature conservation results.

The event is aimed at Eurosite’s members, but also a wider international audience interested in nature conservation. It will start on the morning of 25 September with the Council and Annual General Meetings of Eurosite, which will include a vote on ground-breaking plans to form a single European Network for Nature. This will be followed by workshops on priority subjects for members.

During the meeting, at least two LIFE projects will be presented: the project 'ActiveKPN’ (LIFE10 NAT/PL/000655)  on purchasing and restoring land, which is coordinated by Kampinos National Park, and  the LANDLIFE project (LIFE10 INF/ES/000540) on land stewardship, coordinated by the Land Stewardship Network. Eurosite is one of the partners of this project.
An evening field visit will take place on 25 September with a full-day field trip organised for the following day. This will include a visit to the Odra Delta Nature Park and a boat trip on the Szczecin Lagoon and estuary of the Odra river. The visit should provide spectacular views and the chance to see white-tailed eagles.

For the provisional programme, terms and conditions of registration, travel advice and the registration form, visit the specific event web page or. You can also visit or contact directly.
For more information on the LandLife project, please visit or read the project summary.

Public invited to CORINE project closing event

25 September 2013, Marigane, France

Photo:LIFE08 ENV/F/000492

On 25th September 2013 the LIFE Environment project CORINE (LIFE08 ENV/F/000492) will be holding its closing event in Marigane, France. The event marks the end of the three-year project that was led by Eurocopter, and which aims to improve the environmental performance of the materials and processes used in the design and manufacturing of helicopters.

European companies operating in the aerospace, electric, electronic or automotive sectors are facing increasing regulatory pressures to improve their environmental performance and impact. In order to do this SMEs in these branches need to start taking ecodesign processes into better consideration. At the closing event CORINE project partners will present participants with their new innovative eco-design software for SMEs. The software is a Product Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS), which, while it has been developed for certain products and manufacturing processes in the helicopter industry, is designed to be applied to other industries as well.

Other event highlights will include several plenary speeches, including from a representative of the European Commission, a roundtable discussion, two workshops on the theme of the project and an evening event for networking. Participation in the event is free of charge.

To find out more about the event or register for free please visit:

Projet LIFE AlterIAS final conference

25 September 2013, Liège, Belgium


The Belgian LIFE+ Information and Communication project, “AlterIAS” (LIFE08 INF/B/000052) promoting increased awareness of the problem of invasive alien species (IAS) is holding its final conference in September 2013.

The one-day event, to be held on 25 September, is being organised by the University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Laboratory of Ecology), the project beneficiary, together with project partner, CTH (the Gembloux Technical Centre). More than 200-300 participants are expected to attend the event, at the University’s Espace Senghor.

For more information on the event, to be held in French and Flemish, read the programme (in French or Flemish) and also, see the project website:


International conference on Black-tailed Godwit

25-26 September 2013, Rees, Germany

Poster:LIFE07 NAT/DE/000232

An international conference on Black-tailed Godwit conservation will be held as part of the German LIFE project “Limosa-Habitat Hetter - Habitat optimisation in a local breeding population of Black-tailed Godwits in the NATURA 2000 site "NSG Hetter-Millinger Bruch, mit Erweiterung” (LIFE07 NAT/D/000232).

The project aims to improve the habitat conditions for meadow birds within the conservation area “Hetter”. The most important breeding sites of the Black-tailed Godwit in North Rhine-Westphalia are situated in this area. The project targets are stopping the decline of meadow bird populations and achieving long-term stability.

At the congress, international conservationists and experts from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark will present current research topics, strategies and activities to protect and improve the conservation of meadow birds. Furthermore, future challenges for wet grassland protection as the influence of climate change will be discussed.

An excursion to the project area on the second day will be offered as part of the program. This will provide visitors the opportunity to experience the most important meadow bird area in North Rhine-Westphalia.

For further information on the program, registration or any questions, please feel free to visit the project website at or email to

Meet LIFE at the 14th International Waste Management and Landfilling Symposium

30 September- 04 October 2013, St Margherita di Pula, Sardinia, Italy


The LIFE Communications Team will be present at the 14th edition of the International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, which will be held in St Margherita di Pula, Sardinia (Italy), on 30 September to 4 October. Organised by the International Waste Working Group (IWWG), the event will be a unique forum for all professionals and organisations involved in the waste management sector.

The LIFE team will host a workshop and a stand to highlight some of the important contributions that LIFE has made to improving waste management technologies and methods in the EU. Some of these good practices are already available in the thematic factsheet and posters to be presented in the event.

Attend our workshop and look for us in the exhibition area! We will be more than happy to tell you about the successes of LIFE projects and to discuss waste and resource efficiency issues.

The programme of the 14th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium can be found here

To register, click here.


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