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Events: July 2013

8th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences

01-05 July 2013, Münster, Germany


The 8th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences is being held under the theme ‘Freshwater Science for Nature and Society’. It aims to share recent achievements in promoting sustainable management of our freshwaters in the face of increasing environmental pressures. The event will host a plenary session from the LIFE+ External Communications Team on "The LIFE Programme: more than 20 years improving freshwater ecosystems in Europe".

There will also be a special session titled "LIFE for freshwater ecosystems: challenges and achievements of an EU funding instrument". This will focus on the effectiveness of restoration interventions, monitoring systems and ecosystem services for humans and is co-organised by four German LIFE+ Nature projects on freshwater restoration:

  • Bachtäler Arnsberger Wald (LIFE07 NAT/D/000214) - Rehabilitation of streams in the Arnsberger Wald;  
  • Ems – river dynamics and habitat diversity (LIFE08 NAT/D/000008) - Near-natural river and flood plain development of the River Ems at Einen;
  • Life+ Möhneaue (LIFE08 NAT/D/000009) - Restoration and improvement of the SCIs Möhne Oberlauf and Möhne Mittellauf; and
  • Lippeaue (LIFE08 NAT/D/00010) – Improvement of the connection between the river and the floodplain within the pSCI Lippe floodplain between Hangfort and Hamm.

For this special session, there will be a dedicated LIFE information space and members of the LIFE Communications Team will also be giving speeches highlighting relevant project examples from both LIFE Environment and LIFE Nature.

The session will be one of at least 28 regular or special sessions focusing on a range of topics under the overall guiding theme. Other activities within the symposium, which is hosted by the German Limnological Society (DGL) and the University of Münster, will include field trips and technical excursions, poster sessions, exhibitions, and side events.

The event will be held at the Mövenpick Hotel in Münster from 09:00 on Monday 1st Juto 14:00 on Friday 5th July. For more information on the programme, fees and registration, please visit the event website at:

LIFE RECYSHIP project presents results at University of Castilla-La Mancha International Day

03 July 2013, Toledo, Spain


The LIFE Environment project ‘RECYSHIP’ (LIFE07 ENV/E/000787) will present the results of its work, current trends in ship recycling and future prospects for this sector at an International Day at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo Campus) on 3 July, 2013.

Mr. Miguel Angel Garcia Molina, Managing Director of the project beneficiary, Reciclauto, will be giving a further presentation on “Current Management and Perspective on Boats Out of Use” as part of a two-day course on “Management and Sustainable Waste Valuation”, taking place at the Toledo campus on 4-5 July.

The ‘RECYSHIP’ project set out to develop a technically and economically feasible, safe and environmentally-sound methodology for the dismantling and decontamination of end-of-life ships. This has been tested ‘in the field’ at the Navalria Drydocks in Aveiro, Portugal. The four-year project has also contributed to the development of a proposed EU regulation for the management of end-of-life ships.

For further information about the project, see:
‘RECYSHIP’ is one of the projects featured in the latest LIFE Focus publication, LIFE creating green jobs and skills


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