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Implementing decisions

This section provides information about the implementing decisions taken by the European Commission according to Article 14 of the LIFE+ Regulation.

The following implementing decisions were adopted by the Commission on 11 April 2008 after having received the backing of the LIFE+ Committee. Please note that this information is mainly relevant for national authorities and that these decisions are not published in the Official Journal.

Format for beneficiaries' reports

This general format of the reports to be presented by beneficiaries will soon be followed by detailed reporting formats for beneficiaries to be published in the TOOLKIT section.

Download: Beneficiaries format

(~42 KB) 

Monitoring indicators

This is a general framework for monitoring indicators, based on a study by an external contractor, to monitor measures financed by the LIFE+ Programme. It will be followed by an instruction to project beneficiaries to define a very limited set of indicators for each project.

Download: Monitoring indicators pdf

(~52 KB) 

Formats for national annual priorities

Member States MAY chose to define national annual priorities from the list of priorities for the LIFE+ programme. If they choose to do so, they must follow the format below. The national annual priorities are taken into account when selecting projects as specified in the evaluation guide published with each call for proposals.

Project selection methodology 2008-2013

The methodology for project selection for 2008-2013 is set out in the following decision. More details on how projects are selected can be found in the evaluation guide published with each call for proposals.

Download: Project selection methodoloy

(~34 KB) 

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