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Best LIFE-Nature Projects 2012

Best of the best

The EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee, together with the LIFE Unit, have identified the 13 Best LIFE-Nature projects completed during 2012.


8 Best LIFE Nature Projects

This Best LIFE-Nature Projects aims to recognise some of the best LIFE Nature projects that completed their work during the reference period 2012. All projects completed within the reference period were initially technically assessed by the LIFE Unit's External Assistance Team to produce a first list of Best Projects. The final selection was undertaken by the Member States. From the 8 "Best" projects, 2 projects were selected as being "Best of the Best" projects. These are, in no particular order:

  The 2 "Best of the Best" LIFE Nature Projects 2012
Award LIFE Obere Drau II
LIFE Obere Drau II - Life in Upper Drau River
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Bundeswasserbauverwaltung vertreten durch das Amt der Kärnter Landesregierung. Abt. 18 - Kompetenzzentrum Umwelt, Wasser und Naturschutz - Unterabteilung SchWW - Schutzwasserwirtschaft
Award Reintroducción del lince en Andalucía
Reintroducción del lince en Andalucía - Conservation and reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Andalucia
web summary | website | Layman's report
Beneficiary: Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Medio Ambiente

The following projects (in chronological order) are "Best" LIFE Nature projects 2012:

The 6 "Best" LIFE Nature Projects 2012
Dommeldal - Transboundery habitat restoration in the valley of the Dommel
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Natuurpunt Beheer v.z.w.
RERABOG-DK - Restoration of raised bogs in Denmark with new methods
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Danish Nature Agency, Waddensea (Naturstyrelsen, Vadehavet)
HUNSTEPPICOAKS - Conservation of Euro-siberian steppic woods and Pannonic sand steppes in "Nagykörösi pusztai tölgyesek" pSCI
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság
LIFE FRIULI FENS - Conservation and restoration of calcareous fens in Friuli
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia - Servizio Caccia, Pesca e Ambienti naturali
Corredores oso
web summary | website
Beneficiary: Fundación Oso Pardo
WETLIFE - Restoring Hydrology in Amalvas and Žuvintas Wetlands
web summary | website | layman's report
Beneficiary: Vsl Gamtos paveldo fondas

How were the projects selected?

Scoring of completed LIFE-Nature projects began in 2007, using a set of criteria developed by the Commission. These criteria include: improvement of the conservation status of the species/habitats targeted at project sites; the short-term leverage effect of the project (ie additional resources mobilised during the project); the extent to which the species/habitats targeted at project sites have attained long-term sustainability and fully favourable conservation status; the long-term leverage effect (ie resources and support mobilised to maintain and reinforce the improvements of conservation status in the long-term); regional/national/international impact.

All completed projects are initially assessed by the LIFE Unit’s external monitoring team (the Astrale consortium). The monitors rank all the projects that end during the reference period to produce a first list of 20-25 "Best" projects. The final selection is undertaken by the Member States, each "Best" project being further evaluated by at least two Member States, and an average score is established (also taking into account the monitors' evaluation). The 5 top-scoring projects are the 5 "Best of the Best" projects.

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