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Streamlining environmental reporting – action plan

Building on the outcome of the Reporting Fitness Check, the Commission has adopted 10 actions which will improve environmental reporting. The description of these actions is set out in the Commission Report (COM(2017) 312).
Here you can follow the progress on these actions or specific information related to them.



Follow up
Legislative amendments to reporting obligations defined in selected pieces of legislation.
The Commission will propose legislative amendments, as appropriate, when it revises particular pieces of environmental legislation anyway. The next case will be the revision of the Drinking Water Directive.
Assess and change reporting obligations in more detail as part of a rolling programme.
Most reporting under environment legislation is supported by a thematic expert group (e.g. int eh fields of water, nature, air, industrial emissions, etc.). Change to reporting obligations which do not require legislative changes (that have to undergo ordinary legislative procedure) will be discussed in these reporting groups.
Modernise eReporting including through a more advanced Reportnet and making best use of the existing infrastructure.

The European Environment Agency is mainly implementing this action, e.g. through the Reportnet 2.0 project.

Develop and test tools for data harvesting at EU level.
The Commission is conducting a project to explore the potential use of harvesting tools for reporting. This project is combined with action 5. Information on Workshops will be made available.
Develop guidance and promote best practices for European and national environmental information systems including better access to data in easy to understand ways.
The Commission is conducting a project to develop these guidance This project is combined with action 4. Information on Workshops will be made available.
Promote the full implementation of the INSPIRE Directive with priority for datasets most relevant for the implementation and reporting of EU environmental legislation.
The INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group has agreed a work programme which includes a number of activities supporting this action. In particular the INSPIRE action 2016.5 on the list of priority datasets is designed to implement this action 6.
Make better use of data generated through the Copernicus programme.
Many activities are going on in this area. One particular work of relevance is the work of the European Environment Agency.
Promote the wider use of citizen science to complement environmental reporting.
Many activities are going on in this area. Specific work in this area is under preparation.
Improve cooperation in the sharing and use of data gathered in other areas for the benefit of the environment.
The Commission is compiling an overview on areas where particular action will be envisaged.
Strengthen cooperation with relevant international organisations with the view to streamline reporting and information management between the EU level and the international level.
The Commission is compiling an overview on areas where particular action will be envisaged. 


Several workshops and discussions with experts will take place and there will be many groups invited to contribute to the successful implementation of these actions. An overview on the progress will be prepared in a report in 2019.
If you are interested in a particular issue or if you have any comments, questions or information of relevance (such as reports, projects, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us: