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Environmental Liability

ELD Training Material

As a consequence of the ascertained need for more information and better understanding of the Environmental Liability Directive's provisions and requirements, in particular regarding Annex II (primary, complementary, compensatory remediation; baseline condition; economic valuation of damage etc.), an ELD training material for operators, competent authorities and other stakeholders and interested persons has been developed in 2012/2013.

The material exists in three versions: a half day training material, a one day training material and a two days training material. The latter versions addresses more the technical experts and is more focused on technical requirements and advanced economic valuation methods. The shorter versions address virtually all persons with an interest in the ELD or practitioners who need an enhanced understanding of the Directive.

The training material (all three versions) consists always of a trainer handbook and the respective power point slides. Further information on the potential use and handling of the training material can be found in the handbooks directly. The Commission is committed to support ELD trainings for the industrial community, competent authorities and other practitioners. It may also financially contribute to trainings to the extent affordable according to budget possibilities.

ELD training material:

½ Day:

1 Day:

2 Days: