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Environmental Liability

National Guidance

Denmark:  The Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning (undated), Environmental Liability Directive Guidelines

Finland:  Ministry of the Environment (2012), Remediation of Significant Environmental Damage: manual on procedures

France: Department of the Commissioner General for Sustainable Development: The Environmental Liability Law (ELL) and the Equivalency Methods (French Guide in English and French)

Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency (2011), Environmental Liability Regulations: guidance document

The Netherlands: (2008) Guidelines for Part 17.2 of the Dutch Environmental Management Act: measures in the event of environmental damage or its imminent threat (English translation)

Portugal: Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiante, Ministério da Agricultura, do Mar, do Ambiente e do Ordenamento do Território (2011), Guia para a Avaliação de Ameaça Iminente e Dano Ambiental Responsabilidade Ambiental (Portuguese Guide in English)

Spain: Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (2008), 20680 Royal Decree 2090/2008, of 22 December, which enacts the partial implementation regulations of Environmental Liability Act 26/2007, of 23 October (English translation – informal, non-official)

There are other guidance documents in Spanish on environmental risk analysis and economic evaluation tools that can be found on

United Kingdom: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) (2009) The Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009, Guidance for England and Wales (in-depth guide)

Defra and Welsh Assembly Government (2009) The Environmental Damage Regulations, Preventing and Remedying Environmental Damage (quick guide) (

Department of Environment for Northern Ireland (DOENI) The Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009, Northern Ireland Guidance