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Environmental Liability

Consultation of interested parties on a Working Document on the Prevention and Restoration of Significant Environmental Damage (Environmental Liability)

The European Commission adopted a White Paper on Environmental Liability on 9 February 2000. The White Paper explored how a Community regime on environmental liability could best be shaped. Having explored different options for Community action, the White Paper concluded that the most appropriate option would be a Community directive on environmental liability.

In the aftermath of the White Paper, the Commission received a considerable number of comments sent by a wide range of stakeholders. Summaries of those comments can be found on this Website.

The Commission has also commissioned several studies concerning topics related to environmental liability including on legal issues, competitiveness, prevention of environmental damage, and insurance schemes. The final reports of those studies which are available can be found on the above-mentioned Website.

The Commission Work Programme for 2001 foresees the adoption of a proposal for a directive on environmental liability.

Environment Directorate-General has invited all interested parties to a consultation on a working document - available in English, French, German  and Italian and Spanish  (pdf ~60K). (See also a draft annex   (pdf ~30K) listing those activities that would be covered by strict liability is now available.)

The working document has been sent out to the Member States, EEA States, accession countries, European environmental, industrial and professional non-governmental organisations and some international organisations (see list of contacted parties   (pdf ~60K)).

In order to make the consultation process as transparent as possible, it was foreseen to publish opinions and statements of interested parties on this website. As was announced when the public consultation began, consent to the publishing of submissions made by commenting parties has been assumed unless accompanied by a clear statement requesting confidentiality.

The submissions and comments made by interested parties in the context of this public consultation can be viewed from this site.