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Training Package on EU Waste Legislation

In this section you can download training tools that have been developed by the European Commission as a support to all training structures and trainers with an interest in EU waste law. They can be used in a European, national or local training context, and be adapted to specific needs and target groups.

What is to be found in the training package on EU waste legislation?

The training package on EU waste legislation facilitates the design and development of training workshops with the following objectives:

  • raising awareness on EU waste policy and the background on waste legislation
  • enhancing knowledge on EU waste legislation and its development
  • understanding the implications of ECJ cases on waste legislation and on national jurisprudence
  • practicing the application of EU waste rules at home courts
  • exchanging views on national practice in waste legislation matters in national courts.

It consists of “sessions” (specific training exercises, e.g. case studies, presentation of Directives, etc.). Materials supporting these sessions are available below and you can download these documents (English version only). You will find a detailed presentation of the package in the “Trainers’ guide for the EU waste legislation training package”.

What are the conditions for using the training Package on EU waste legislation?

The training package on EU waste legislation can be used freely. It is distributed under the Creative Commons License. This means that modules and sessions can be reproduced and integrated in training events as long as the source is acknowledged.