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Land as a resource

Conference 'Land as a resource' - Brussels, 19 June 2014

Summary report on the conference.

The conference is part of the European Commission's work in preparation of a Communication on land as a resource, foreseen for 2015.

The European Commission hosted a conference on 'Land as a resource' in Brussels on 19 June 2014, with the objective of highlighting the importance of good land management to address European and global challenges, particularly in view of an increasing world population. It also tackled the shortcomings of the current European land use model, including conflicting policy drivers.

Keynote introductory speeches

Janez Potočnik, Environment Commissioner, European Commission

'They ain't making it any more': policy aspects of land trade-offs in Europe

Lester E. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute, Washington D.C., USA - The importance of land in the 21st Century

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Questions and answers


Session 1: What are the issues at stake?

Stefan Bringezu, Director, Wuppertal Institute, Wuppertal, Germany

A finite world and increasing land demands: a global perspective

David Ludlow, European Urban Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom

Tackling urban sprawl: towards a compact model of cities?

Winfried Blum, Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation, Brussels, Belgium

Potential and limits of sustainable intensification of agriculture

Millán M. Millán, Honorary Director, CEAM, Valencia, Spain

Land use changes and their impacts on extreme events

Questions and answers

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Session 2: National and regional experiences

Günther Bachmann, Secretary-General, German Sustainability Council, Berlin, Germany

The German land take reduction target – is it working?

Frank Evans, Land Regeneration Programme Manager, National Grid Property, Warwick, United Kingdom

Land recycling in the United Kingdom

Dominique Petigas-Huet, Ministère de l'égalité des territoires et du logement, Paris, France

The French approach to balancing different land uses – the SCoT (Schéma de cohérence territorial) and its implementation

Anna Starzewska-Sikorska, CircUse Project Coordinator, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Katowice, Poland

Results and insight of the CircUse Project

Questions and answers

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Session 3: Exploring possible EU answers

Alexander Müller, Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany

Are EU policies drivers of global land use?

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María del Carmen García Bueno, Sindicato de Obreros del Campo (SOC), Andalucía, Spain

Land concentration and impacts on jobs and rural communities in Europe – the hidden side of land efficiency?

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Simone Ombuen, Dipartimento di Architettura, Università Roma Tre, Rome, Italy - Urban policies and increasing land take – a reflection from an urban expert

Marie-Alice Budniok (replacing Thierry de l'Escaille), -Director of legal and administrative affairs - European Landowners' Organisation (ELO), Brussels

Land multifunctionality and the role of landowners

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Pekka Pesonen, Secretary-General, COPA-COGECA, Brussels

Increasing agricultural land prices and urban land competition – what should be the EU's answer?

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Ariel Brunner, Head of EU Policy, BirdLife International, Brussels

How to reconcile land management and the environment

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Panel discussion chaired by Karl Falkenberg, Director General Environment, European Commission

Land as a resource: the role of EU's policies

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Questions and answers, Conclusion

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