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Pilot Product Exercise

This exercise aims to demonstrate how IPP can work in practice by establishing two voluntary pilot projects: on mobile phones and on a tropical wooden garden chair.

The Commission selected these based on 22 suggestions from stakeholders. The importance of the environmental impact of these products did not play a role in the selection process. The successful proposals came from Nokia and from Carrefour. These projects began in mid-June 2004 (Press release 25/06/2004).

The projects are carried out in the following stages:

1. Analysis of the environmental impacts of the products throughout their life cycle based on available information;
2. Identification of options to improve the environmental impact of the products;
3. Analysis of the potential social and economic effects of the improvement options identified;
4. Selection of the viable options for improvement and different participants making commitments to implement some of the solutions identified;
5. Implementation of the commitments made by stakeholders and monitoring of commitments in a year's time.

Both projects concluded in concrete commitments by stakeholders to improve the environmental impacts of the products in September 2006 (Press release 21/09/2006) (pdf~82K). These are now being implemented.

To find out more about stakeholder participation and the pilot projects in general please read the "questions and answers" document (pdf~95K) prepared by the European Commission.