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IPP Regular Meetings

Starting in 2004, the European Commission has been holding twice a year "IPP Regular Meetings" with member states and key stakeholders. The purpose of these meetings is to assist the Commission in developing and implementing the Commission's Communication on IPP as well as monitoring progress in the member states. These meetings also provides a forum for the Commission to report and inform to member states and stakeholders on its IPP related activities, and for member states and stakeholders to report and inform back to the Commission.

Meetings were held on:

  • the 24th of February 2004
  • the 20th of September 2004
  • the 2nd of March 2005
  • the 23rd of November 2005
  • the 6th of June 2006
  • the 15th of November 2006
  • the 2nd of October 2007
  • the 21st of April 2008
  • the 2nd of December 2008
  • the 11th of June 2009
  • the 6th of July 2010
  • the 8th of October 2010
  • the 10th of March 2011
  • the 1st of June 2011
  • the 17th of October 2011
  • the 17th of April 2012
  • the 20th of June 2012
  • the 14th of February 2013
  • the 2nd of July 2013
  • the 21 October 2013
  • the 30th June 2014

The rules of procedures, minutes, documents and presentations given at the meetings, are available on the page: