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EU Member States' IPP related activities

With the aim of getting a more complete picture on the ongoing activities related to IPP, some of the EU Member States’ IPP related activities available via internet are listed in the table below.

List of national web pages on IPP/SCP and relevant sites


Name/Domain and website


The Austrian Strategy for Sustainable Development website


Danish EPA IPP website 

LCA Center

Eco-Innovation in Denmark


Finland's programme to promote sustainable consumption and production


Ministry of ecology and sustainable development’s SCP website


IPP related websites provided by different Federal States (e.g. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony). For example: Bavarian IPP homepage

web site national dialogue on SCP

National Council on Sustainable Development

Website and platform on Sustainable Development in German Industry and Business


Site of the Ministry of Environment and Public Management on Sustainable Production and Consumption  (only in Romanian language)


Sections about IPP and voluntary tools of environmental policy on the web page of SAŽP (available in Slovak language)


IPP related action on the Basque Country

United Kingdom

UK Government Sustainable Development Website

DEFRA’s website on SCP