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TAIEF Project

Assistance offered

TAIEF offers three kinds of events: expert missions and workshops/seminars to be held in the partner country, and study visits to the EU. Each event is tailored to needs and organized by TAIEF in close coordination with representatives from the participating institutions. The numbers of event participants indicated under "Scope" in the table below are indicative.

Expert mission
(application form)
1 to 2 Member State experts for up to 10 days Expert(s); travel and accommodation costs Office facilities, participants
Training seminar, workshop
(application form)
1 to 2 Member State experts for up to 10 days Expert(s); travel, food and accommodation costs for participants Venue; identifying and orienting participants; logistics; translation and interpretation costs
EU study visit
(application form)
1 to 3 visitors from the partner country for up to 1 week Study visit’s travel, food and accommodation costs Selection of participants

The aim of the assistance is to contribute to the greening of the economy in the partner countries by increasing the capacity of relevant stakeholders in the development and implementation of environmental policy, drawing on insights gained in the EU.

It is hoped that in fostering the exchange of experiences internationally, networks and partnerships for addressing environmental challenges will grow. This website aims to support that process and document TAIEF activities transparently.

National ownership of the process is a pre-requisite for success. TAIEF events must be demand-driven, and the partner country must designate a National Contact Person to liaise with TAIEF staff and act as the central contact for the planning and implementation of the event. S/he will be responsible for the provision of the following functions:

  • Local Co-organiser: participant registration, event agenda, and logistical support;
  • Logistic support: venue and facilities.

If you are eligible and believe that you could benefit from TAIEF support, kindly send a completed application form to Don’t hesitate to contact TAIEF by phone or email if you would like further clarification or assistance.


For details concerning procedures and requirements associated with TAIEF assistance, kindly refer to the following guidelines:

TAIEF Guidelines for EU Member State Experts

TAIEF Guidelines for Local Co-organisers