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Future Briefs

Future Briefs are a series of horizon-scanning policy briefs, which provide an accessible overview of emerging areas of science and technology.

Latest Issue

Latest Issue

No Net Land Take by 2050? – April 2016

Land and soil are limited natural resources essential to all human life. One of the major environmental challenges facing Europe is an increasing demand for development, which threatens ecosystem services. This Future Brief focuses on how land and soil could be used efficiently to continue to provide these functions and services for generations to come.

Identifying Emerging Risks - April 2016

How can we better anticipate environmental changes? In our rapidly changing world, risks occur from ongoing changes (such as those occurring in the climate), to more sudden-onset risks, such as mutating microbial pathogens. This Future Brief explores some of the tools and approaches that can be used to identify emerging risk, including strategic foresight tools, citizen science and state-of-the-art monitoring technologies.

Sustainable Aquaculture - May 2015

Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of worldwide food production and is facing a new era of expansion in Europe. What are the environmental implications of this, and can the sector expand sustainably? This Future Brief presents an overview of research into aquaculture’s impacts, and considers how it could develop in balance with environmental goals.

The Value of Natura 2000 ­– May 2015

The Natura 2000 network encompasses nearly a fifth of EU territory and provides protection for more than a thousand rare and threatened species. The benefits provided by the network are estimated to be worth €223–314 billion per year. In this new Future Brief we examine the 'value' of Natura 2000 from different angles: in terms of biodiversity conservation, the benefits for people, and economic value.

Innovation in the European water sector - May 2015

How do we safeguard both water quality and quantity? This brief looks at the best ways to recycle and re-use water, the latest water treatment technologies, and innovation within water governance itself.

Wind & solar energy and nature conservation – January 2015

How are land-based ecosystems are affected by wind and solar photovoltaic infrastructure? And how can win-win solutions for conservation and climate benefits may be developed?

Public risk perception and environmental policy – October 2014

How does the public perceive environmental risk? What are the pitfalls of communicating uncertainty? Understanding why over- or under-estimations occur is essential to finding the right policy balance.

Underwater Noise – June 2013

The oceans are increasingly exposed to sounds from human activities, such as shipping and the building of foundations for offshore construction projects. What impact do these sounds have on species that inhabit the marine environment? This Future Brief from Science for Environment Policy explores existing research on the ecological effects of underwater sound. Key gaps in our knowledge are also highlighted, and potential strategies for reducing negative impacts on marine species are outlined.

Earth Observation's Potential for the EU Environment – February 2013

Earth observation from space by satellites, combined with ground-level observations, can provide a wealth of data relating to the land, oceans and atmosphere. This Future Brief examines how the data can inform Europe's environmental policy.

Bioelectrochemical Systems – February 2013

This Future Brief examines the use of bioelectrochemical systems, such as microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and microbial electrolysis cells (MECs), to treat wastewater and generate electricity, hydrogen and valuable chemicals.

Green Behaviour – October 2012

The role that policy can play in supporting and encouraging the public's pro-environmental behaviour is examined in this Future Brief. The report explores different policy methods to reward green behaviour, such as financial incentives.

Offshore Exploration and Exploitation in the Mediterranean – April 2012

This Future Brief examines the impacts of exploration on marine and coastal environments. Focusing on oil, gas and mineral exploration as well as renewable energy schemes, the report considers evidence from recent scientific research, including reports following the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010.

Biodiversity and Health – October 2011

An emerging body of research is now uncovering a hugely important range of ecosystem services: the benefits of biodiversity for human health. This Future Brief explores emerging issues and recent developments in our understanding of the link between biodiversity and health.

Plastic Waste: redesign and biodegradability – June 2011

This Future Brief explores current research into the redesign of plastics and developments in biodegradable plastics. It considers the implications of redesign and increased use of biodegradable plastics, as well as policy options to maximise benefits and minimise risks.