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Environmental research, knowledge and innovation

Science Policy Interface

Especially in the area of environment, it is important for researchers to communicate scientific findings in an appropriate and accessible way to policy-makers in order for them to make the right choices in drawing up policies aiming at sustainable solutions to environmental problems. An improved dialogue between the scientific and policy-making communities is necessary to improve linkages between policy needs and research programmes as well as to enhance the accessibility of scientific knowledge to policy makers.

This dialogue should and is taking place at all levels - local, regional, national as well as international. For further information, please look at "Science meets policy workshops" and "Bridging the gap conferences" organised so far.

To strengthen the links between science and policy, the European Commission's Directorate-General Environment launched "Science for Environment Policy", a weekly service of easy to read news alerts on new scientific findings in the field of top priority environmental issues, which is vital for knowledge based policy making.

Science Meets Policy workshops and Bridging the Gap conferences

Over the past years, several Science Meets Policy workshops and Bridging the Gap conferences were organised to further a fruitful dialogue between scientists and policy-makers aiming at a better match between research and necessary policies in the environmental area as well as at overcoming the gap between research done and research needed. Most of the links to the individual workshops and conferences are not working anymore but an overview of activities in the past years is available at this website:

Other examples:

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