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Cohesion Policy


The European Union is one of the most prosperous economic zones in the world, but economic and social disparities between its Member States and among its regions are important. Cohesion Policy seeks to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Union. An important first landmark was the publication of the Commission Communication on Cohesion Policy and the Environment in 1995. en

Cohesion Policy: 2000-6

For the period 2000-2006, EUR 213 billion was earmarked for the Cohesion Policy for the 15 Member States. In addition, about EUR 22 billion in structural interventions for the new Member States in the period 2004-06, was allocated within the Union’s adjusted financial perspectives. Most of the funding is being spent through multiannual development programmes via the Structural Funds, managed jointly by Commission services, the Member States and regional authorities. These programmes ran until 30.06.2009.


  • DG ENV/DG REGIO Guidelines on the Eligibility of dams under the Cohesion Fund (23/06/03) en
  • DG ENV/DG REGIO Guidelines on the Application of Directive 91/271/EEC on urban waste water treatment and finance from the Structural Funds (03/07/03) en

Cohesion Policy: 2007-13

The Cohesion Policy continues as in the past, but with a special focus on meeting the goals of the Renewed Lisbon Strategy. The package of Regulations and the Community Strategic Guidelines were adopted in 2006 with a total budget of €308 billion (2004 prices).

The full text of the adopted Regulations and the Community Strategic Guidelines are found on DG REGIO's homepage. The following document shows the points of environmental relevance.

DG Environment's task continues to be ensuring integration of the environment into the Cohesion Policy via the Structural Funds, the Cohesion Fund as well as TENs or interventions from the EIB.

ENEA-MA The European Network of Environmental Authorities - Managing Authorities for the Cohesion Policy

The European Network of Environmental Authorities for the Cohesion Policy (ENEA) has been reactivated, and it brings together experts from environmental administrations, international organisations such as the Regional Environmental Centre, and environmental NGOs such as World Wildlife Fund, Birdlife International and Bankwatch.




  • Working Group "Future Cohesion Policy"