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Industrial Emissions

smokeOngoing Studies

Analysis and development of methodologies for estimating potential industrial emissions reductions and compliance costs of BAT conclusions adopted under the IED

This project will involve an expert workshop which is tentatively planned for June 2016.

Further information will be posted on this webpage in due time.


IED Success stories


Studies recently finalised

Potential emission reductions from implementing BAT conclusions

The overall objective of this project was to improve the available knowledge concerning the potential for emission reduction due to the implementation of the BAT conclusions under the IED.  The main aim was to develop a methodology that can be used to estimate the potential emission reductions delivered by the BAT conclusions adopted under the IED and which can be used for IED sectors that are covered by BREFs. 

This work will be taken further in the course of 2015-2016.


Contribution of industry to pollutant emissions to air and water

IED industrial activities are one component of Europe’s emission profile and there is a need to better understand the share and extent of emissions that are deemed to be regulated and ‘unregulated’ by current EU legislation. This report forms part of the evidence base to answer that question as well as quantifying the contribution of (agro-)industrial activities to the overall pollutant load on air and water when judged against all anthropogenic emission sources.



An overview of studies performed in the context of the Industrial Emissions Directive can be found through this link.

Information on the studies performed during the review of the IPPC Directive (leading to the adoption of the Industrial Emissions Directive) can be found through this link.

Summaries and assessments of the reports submitted by Member States on their implementation of the legislation preceding the Industrial Emissions Directive can be found through this link.