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The Industrial Emissions Directive

smokeImplementation of Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control) (IED)

The IED Article 13 Forum 

According to Article 13 of the IED, in order to draw up, review and, where necessary, update BAT reference documents, the Commission shall organise an exchange of information between Member States, the industries concerned, non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection and the Commission.

Moreover, the Commission shall establish and regularly convene a forum composed of representatives of Member States, the industries concerned and non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection and shall obtain and make publicly available the opinion of the forum on the proposed content of the BAT reference documents. The Commission shall take into account this opinion for the adoption of the BAT conclusions.

This forum has been created as a formal expert group through a Commission decision (2011/C 146/03) of 16 May 2011. According to this Decision, new members of the forum who are not Member States shall be appointed by the Director General of DG Environment.

On 12 September 2011, The forum has adopted its Rules of Procedure.

Guidance on the drawing up of BAT reference documents and on their quality assurance are available here.

Opinions of the forum can be accessed here.

More information on the IED Article 13 Forum can be found on the Expert Group Register website

The IED Article 75 Committee 

According to Article 75 of the IED, the Commission shall be assisted by a committee, which has the competence to deliver opinions on implementing acts concerning the following: guidance under Article 13(3)(c) and (d) of the IED, BAT conclusions (Article 13(5)), implementing rules for large combustion plants (Article 41) and the type, format and frequency of reporting by Member States (Article 72(2)). 

The IED Article 75 Committee operates in accordance with the examination procedure (Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 182/2011). 

The Rules of Procedure of the Committee were adopted on 26 August 2011. 

The IED Article 75 Committee delivers its opinion on draft implementing decisions.  After a positive opinion these are adopted by the Commission and published in the Official Journal. All finalised BREFs and adopted BAT conclusions can be accessed here.

The Industrial Emissions Expert Group (IEEG)

In order to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices concerning interpretation, transposition and implementation of the IED, and to advise the Commission during the preparation of delegated acts, the Industrial Emissions Expert Group (IEEG) has been established.

The IEEG operates in an informal setting without any formal rules of procedure. 

More information on the IEEG can be found on the Expert Group Register website

Baseline report guidance 

The Commission has adopted a Communication on the elaboration of baseline reports under Article 22(2) of the IED. This is available in the EU Official Journal here