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Coastal Zone Policy

Other relevant publications and studies

Brochure on 'LIFE and coastal management'

This brochure gives an overview of projects relevant for integrated coastal management financed by the LIFE funding programme.


Brochure on "OURCOAST Outcomes and Lessons Learned" now published!  Read more here

Science for Environmental policy: 2010 special issue on coastal management

Information Diffusion: The Commission has produced a general information brochure on ICZM. This brochure can be downloaded by clicking on the language icons below.

es da de el en fr it nl pt fi sv

(pdf ~450K)

Printed copies can also be obtained from the Bookshop.

Socio-Economic study: In 2002 the Commission launched a study on the Socio-Economic costs and benefits of ICZM. The report  is available by clicking on the language icons below. (The English version is the original.)

en fr

(pdf ~500K)

Tourism Studies:

  • An electronic publication has just been posted on the DG ENTR Internet site: "Towards quality coastal tourism: Integrated quality management (IQM) of coastal tourist destinations" at /enterprise/services/tourism/tourism-publications/documents/iqm_coastal_en.pdf
  • Environment DG funded a study on "Defining, measuring and evaluating the carrying capacity in European Tourism Destinations". It contains a case study on coastal zone tourism. The final report is available in English, French and German, the report on European best-practices and case-studies is available in English only.

Final report

de en fr

Assessment, best-practice and case-study report

(pdf ~500-900K)

Videos: The Environment DG professional video service "Video reports on European Environmental stories" includes a number of videos relevant to the coastal zone, the latest entitled "Coastal zone management: Our coasts have seen better days"/ "Gestion des côtes: un littoral fragile". This video features the prize-winning ICZM project of the Dorset Coast Forum and explains the main ICZM principles as well as the European policy.

Studies that support the impact assessment of the new Commission initiative on maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management can be found here.