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ICZM in practice

ourcoastOURCOAST: project overview

OURCOAST is a three-year project commissioned by the Directorate General (DG) Environment of the European Commission to support and ensure the exchange of experiences and best practices in coastal planning and management.

The OURCOAST initiative was made possible thanks to the European Parliament that voted a dedicated resource for this purpose into the EU budget in 2008.

Through OURCOAST, the European Commission aims to ensure that lessons learned from the coastal management experiences and practices are shared and made accessible to those who are seeking sustainable solutions to their coastal management practices.

OURCOAST focus in particular on adaptation to risks and the impacts of climate change, information and communication systems, planning and land management instruments, and institutional coordination mechanisms.

OURCOAST is a further step in the joint efforts of the European Commission, Member States, coastal regions and networks to support and implement sustainable coastal planning and management.


Please click here to access the interactive website and on-line OURCOAST database !

The OURCOAST website allows you to register on a mailing list, to be kept informed about OURCOAST news as well as on developments in EU ICZM policy, including the follow-up to the EU ICZM Recommendation.

A major coastal stakeholder conference will be held 27-28 October 2011, in Riga. On the OURCOAST interactive web you can find more information about the conference and the many other OURCOAST products, including brochures, studies and guidance.