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Coastal Zone Policy

Preparation of the proposal: consultation process and impact assessment

In accordance with the Commission procedures, before to launch a proposal for a new initiative, the potential economic, social and environmental consequences have to be assessed (impact assessment). For a follow-up proposal to the ICZM Recommendation, the scoping of the impact assessment including policy options, objectives and targets, was discussed with the EU ICZM expert group in July 2009 (leading to a report).

The Impact Assessment can be consulted here:

Given the need for coherent planning of coastal and maritime areas, this impact assessment has been conducted in conjunction with the assessment of possible future action on maritime spatial planning.

Interested parties could contribute to a public on-line consultation from 23 March to 20 May 2011. Public consultation forms, indeed, a core element of an Impact Assessment. In total 225 participants replied, their responses were analysed in a report, and results used for the Impact assessment.

To complete the on-line consultation a hearing on ICZM took place the 30 May 2011. Experts from all over Europe followed the invitation to Brussels to express their views on the problems and priorities to be addressed as part of future EU action to support further ICZM implementation. The hearing documents can be downloaded here:

Member state 2006-2010 reports on progress in ICZM implementation constituted another key input for the impact assessment, as well as studies launched by DG Environment to underpin it further.