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National sources


Ökokauf Wien: Think Green – Buy Green - in German and English (Stadt Wien)

Ökoeinkauf Check it! green criteria catalogue - in German and English (Lebensministerium –Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment)


Ministry of the Environment/CENIA - Czech Environment Agency website in Czech


Environmental Guidelines for Public Purchasers - in Danish (Miljøstyrelsen - Danish Environmental Protection Agency)


Ministry of the Environment website in Estonian (contains information on GPP)


The Finnish Environment Agency(SYKE) undertakes research and projects related to GPP.

Finnish database of products and environment - in Finnish (FCG - Finnish Consulting Group Ltd.)


Achats éco-responsables website - in French (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maitrise de l’Energie ADEME - French Environmental Protection Agency)

Guide de l'achat public éco-responsable website - in  French (Ministère de l'Économie - French Ministry of Economy)

Commande Publique & Développement Durable website - in French (ADEME)

Eco-conception de produits websites - in French (ADEME)Administration éco-responsable website - in French (Délégation Interministérielle au Développement Durable)


Umweltfreundliche Beschaffung Green Public Procurement website - in German and English (Umweltbundesamt UBA – German Environmental Protection Agency)

Administrative directive on how to implement GPP throughout the procurement process - in German


Green Public Procurement website – in Hungarian and English (Környezettudományi Központ - Center for Environmental Studies KTK-CES)

Green Procurement Manual for Hungarian Municipalities – in Hungarian (KTK-CES - doc-document)


Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government website in English – contains information on Ireland’s National Action Plan and related initiatives.


Green Public Procurement website - in Italian (Ministero dell’Ambiente – Italian Ministry of the Environment)

Information on National GPP Action-Plan – in Italian and English (Ministero dell’Ambiente - pdf-document)


Information on environmental procurement – in Lithuanian (Aplinkos Ministerija – Ministry of the Environment)

Procurement: Improvement and Development Strategy (2009-2013) – in Lithuanian (Ūkio ministerija – Lithuanian Ministry of Economy - doc-document)


Green Network - Procurement website – in English (Environmental Corporate Responsibility Office, Government of Malta)


Duurzam inkopen website – in Dutch (Rijksoverheid – Government of the Netherlands)


Action plan on GPP (2007-2010) – in Norwegian (Miljøverndepartementet – Ministry of the Environment)

Information on GPP – in Norwegian (Direktoratet for forvaltning og IKT – Agency for Public Management and eGovernment)


Website of the Polish Public Procurement Office (PPO) in Polish and English (summary and link to National Action Plan)


Portuguese Environment Agency - information on GPP in Portuguese


Ministry of the Environment, Public Policy Unit – information in Romanian and English


Information and guidelines for GPP – in Spanish (Castellan) (Ayuntamiento de Madrid – City of Madrid)

GPP Manual – in Catalan (Generalitat de Catalunya – Government of Catalonia - pdf-document)

Sustainable City Council Barcelona – in Catalan, Spanish (Castellan) and English (Ajuntament de Barcelona – City of Barcelona)

Extensive practical handbook for Green Purchase and Public Contracting – in Basque and Spanish (Castellan) (manual: pdf), general information in English, (Ihobe – Basque Agency for Environmental Management).


EKU database – in Swedish and English (Miljöstyrningsrådet – Swedish Environmental Management Council)


Green Public Purchasing websites – in French, German, Italian, and English (BAFU-OFEV – Federal Office for the Environment)


The UK Government’s Sustainable Public Purchasing website (for central Government) – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – DEFRA

Government Buying Standards – DEFRA

Procuring the Future: Sustainable Procurement National Action Plan – DEFRA (pdf-document)

Sustainable Procurement Strategy for Local Governments – Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly IDeA)