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EU GPP criteria

The EU GPP criteria are developed to facilitate the inclusion of green requirements in public tender documents. While the adopted EU GPP criteria aim to reach a good balance between environmental performance, cost considerations, market availability and ease of verification, procuring authorities may choose, according to their needs and ambition level, to include all or only certain requirements in their tender documents.


cleaningCleaning products and services (currently under revision)   Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

itComputer and monitors



paperCopying and graphic paper

Electrical and Electronic Equipment used in the Health Care Sector



Food and Catering services (currently under revision)   newFurniture

Gardening products and services


Imaging Equipment

Indoor lighting


Office Building Design, Construction and Management

bg cs es da de et el en fr it lt lvhrvatski hu mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi sv

newRoad Design, Construction and Maintenance

bg cs es da de et el en fr it lt lv huhrvatski mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi sv

  Sanitary Tapware
Street lighting and traffic signals (currently under revision)   newTextiles
Toilets and Urinals   Transport (currently under revison)
Wall Panels   Waste Water Infrastructure

waterWater-based Heaters