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Generation Awake

'Generation Awake' was the European Commission awareness raising campaign on resource efficiency, implemented between 2011 and spring 2015. The campaign targeted young European consumers and families with small children, and aimed to encourage them to use resources sustainably to minimize impacts on the environment.

The campaign results included millions of video views, 140.000 social media followers, and over 2000 articles published about the campaign across Europe. To learn more about the project and its results, you can consult the factsheet below. An external evaluation carried out in 2014 found that the campaign had attracted a considerable share of the EU population, raised awareness on resource efficiency, and – to the extent expected from projects of this scale – triggered behavioral changes among its audiences.

Some of the campaign materials, along with daily tips on saving resources and waste management, are still available – you can access them through the links below.

The 'Generation Awake' campaign is over, but its slogan remains valid – Your choices make a world of difference!

'Generation Awake'
campaign factsheet


'Generation Awake'
Consumption Guide


'Generation Awake'
YouTube channel