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Funding Opportunities

Europe INNOVA and PRO INNO Europe®: fostering transnational cooperation and partnerships to leverage eco-innovative programmes and tools.

Eco-innovation is at the heart of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan that helps bridge the gap between research & development and the market place for eco-friendly products, technologies, services, processes and management methods across Europe.

Within the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, the initiatives Europe INNOVA and PRO INNO Europe® contribute to eco-innovation through the establishment of networks and partnerships.

Who can apply?

Europe INNOVA initiative:

Innovation support providers in partnership with private service providers (public-private partnerships), with active involvement of companies.See details in the call for proposal.

PRO INNO Europe® initiative: Innovation policy makers designing and testing new support programmes and policy methods.

What kind of projects will be funded this year?

Within the Europe INNOVA initiative:

  • The establishment of European Innovation Platform relevant for eco-innovative sectors of high political priority, to test innovative tools through public-private partnerships with the perspective to leverage their broader deployment.
  • Support projects to the Platform, such as the Eco-innovation Observatory.

Within the PRO INNO Europe® initiative:

Championing eco-innovation through the establishment of an open platform for eco-innovation policy learning and development.

What are the key dates?

Europe INNOVA initiative: closure of call 25 September 2009. See details in the call for proposal.

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