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All DG Environment's open
calls for tender are published
on the TED database (Tenders Electronic Daily)

Annexes to tender specifications to fill in:


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Calls for tenders 2019

Prior Information Notice 2019 for DG Environment
The DG ENV PIN 2019 was published in the Official Journal  2019/S 057-130610 on 21/03/2019.
As this is only a Prior Information Notice, there are no documents available yet. Each call for tender, if and when launched, is published in the Official Journal S series which you can find through the Commission's TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). We suggest that you consult the TED database and also this website on a regular basis to be fully informed of the current tenders being published.

e-Submission of tenders

From January 2019, offers for open calls for tender must be submitted exclusively via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the website given in the Contract Notice. Tenders submitted in any other way (e.g. e-mail or by letter) will be disregarded. Subscription to the call for tender at this link allows interested economic operators to receive e-mail notifications when new information or documents are published. Subscription is free of charge and does not involve any commitment to submit a tender.
For detailed instructions on how to submit a tender please consult the e-Submission Quick Guide available at:
In case of technical problems, please contact the e-Submission Helpdesk (see contact details in the Quick Guide) as soon as possible.
In order to submit a tender using e-Submission, tenderers (each member of the group in the case of a joint tender) will need to register in the European Commission'sParticipant Register- an online register of organisations participating in EU calls for tenders orproposals. On registering each organisation obtains a Participant Identification Code (PIC, 9-digit number) which acts as its unique identifier in the above register.  Instructions on how to create a PIC can be found in the PIC-management Quick Guide for Economic Operators. Tenderers already registered in the Participant Register shall reuse their existing PICs when preparing tenders in e-Submission.

Validation of legal entities participating in public procurement procedures (open calls)

 The European Commission (EC) is committed to setting up a Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA) providing applicants, candidates and tenderers (third parties) with a single entry point to communicate and exchange information with its services in relation to procurement and grant procedures managed by the Commission. For this purpose, the Research Executive Agency (REA) will take over the validation of legal entities participating in grants and public procurement procedures. REA will perform the legal validation only on the basis of supporting documents uploaded by the tenderer(s) in the Participant Register mentioned above. The tender specifications for each call will list which documents to submit with your offer and which will be requested by REA.



Phase 4 of the European Business and Biodiversity Platform (2020-2022)

eTendering link to download documents and submit questions :

Contract Notice 2019/S 057-130611  (21/03/2019)


European monitoring of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes (EMBAL)

eTendering link to download documents and submit questions :

Contract Notice 2019/S 038-084402 (22/02/2019)


Framework Contract on Economic analysis of environmental policies and analytical support in the context of Better Regulation

eTendering link to download documents and submit questions :

Contract Notice 2019/S 032-070877  (14/02/2019)


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