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27 November 2009
Communication n° 15

Outcome of the BioSoil-Conference hold on 9 November 2009 in Brussels

The Directorate-General Environment has held a conference on the BioSoil-Study on 9 November 2009. The main objective of the meeting was to open the debate on the results so far obtained from the Biosoil-project, a demonstration project on forest soils and forest biodiversity. It was financed under the Forest Focus-Scheme (Regulation (EC) Nr. 2152/2003) concerning the monitoring of forests and environmental interactions in the Community, and aimed to broaden the scope of previous forest monitoring activities (on atmospheric pollution and forest fires) to the fields of soil characteristics and biodiversity indicators.

With an attendance of almost 50 participants, the conference was structured in two sessions, according to the two modules of the project: soil and biodiversity.

Session 1: Soil Survey, chaired by Mr Wolf ECKELMANN,
(Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften, DE)

Welcome, by Mr Michael Hamell
(Acting Director, DG "Environment", European Commission
Biosoil project: soil survey: what, how, where?, by Mr Luca Montanarella
(Joint Research Centre, European Commission)
Biosoil case study: Evaluation of the quality and changes in UK forest soils,
by Ms Elena Vanguelova (Forest Research, UK)
Biosoil case study:North-European results, by Mr Hannu Ilvesniemi
(Finnish Forest Research Institute, FI)
Changes in the chemical and/or physical forest soil condition. First results of Biosoil in France,
by Mr Vincent Badeau (French National  Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA, FR)
Feasibility of systematic forest soil monitoring at European scale. Results of the Biosoil survey. Forest soil information: European Soil Data Centre, by Mr Roland Hiederer (Joint Research Centre, European Commission)

Session 2: Forest Biodiversity, chaired by Mr Pat NEVILLE, COILLTE (IE)
Biosoil biodiversity survey: what, how, where?, by Ms Anne Marie Bastrup-Birk
(University of Copenhagen, Forest and Landscape, DK)
Forest biodiversity indicators from the BioSoil study, by Ms Mayte Minaya
Forest biodiversity in Sweden, by Mr Sören Wulff
(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE)
Biosoil results in Poland, by Mr Janusz Czerepko
(Forest Research Institute, PL)
Feasibility of systematic forest biodiversity monitoring at European scale.
Results of the BioSoil – Biodiversity survey.
Forest information: European Forest Data Centre
, by  Ms Tracy Houston, Mr Jesús San-Miguel
(Joint Research Centre, European Commission)

The conference was closed by Mr Michael Hamell. For any related question, or if you wish to obtain further information please send an email to

Biosoil-Conference on 9 November 2009 in Brussels

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